Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all - turbo, core and swim at SOC. Did a 75 mile bike with little run at the end yesterday and felt fine, which shows how little I worked on Sunday. Contemplating when I can squeeze another marathon in before my ironman now. PSC, was it a switch off and on again fix? Valis, the mileage is creeping up. Wet and muggy day here. We seem to be missing a birky at the moment.

  • LOL.... I think I found the problem pretty soon after arrival.  The PC had SSS.  Silver Surfer Syndrome.  Choked up with rubbish programmes that were no use to anyone.  The good programmes were all out of date (360 day old virus definitions for example) and lots of lack of understanding, "no dad, 'locking' the PC only locks the screen and does not prohibit internet access if the PC is compromised"!  Anyway, a few hours of gentle cleaning and education had everything up and running.  

    Kate, shows how much I've been out of touch - which IM are you doing?

    Well done to anyone out there today - blowing a right old gale down here in Kent - difficult to hold the car in a straight line on the M25 this afternoon!

  • Hi all

    Spent the weekend racing on the bike, a little tired now but was out early for 4 miles this morning.

    Nice training Kate, I have 4 hours on the TT bike planned for this Sunday

    PSC - I thought you had started training again??
  • I m waiting for my bike to work scheme, so a TT bike may be on the cards for me.... PSC, IM Austria in June and the Immortal in August, half Immortal in less than 2 weeks, the lakes are still very cold! I'm also looking out of the window at the wind and thinking track tonight is going to be fun.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    turbo for me this morning

    weather still wild here so not going to do my planned trip to join the running club, may do some more turbo instead...

  • Sit down kids


    Night :??0
  • Gobi- I've had a few aborted starts but not settled back into a training routine.  Combo of overdoing it at work and CBA.  I need to get a grip and get back into the routine before my buttons start popping on my trousers!

    Anyone OW swimming at this time of year has my respect.

    Kate, TT bikes are fab and will save you mucho time on an IM course.  That said, it's essential that it fits properly otherwise all the gains from the geometry of the bike will be lost.  Do you need to hang onto the bike box a bit longer if you are heading overseas?  I'm in no rush to get it back - I've got nothing booked!!  

    Nite folks!

  • Good morning all

    3.5 miles this morning ,heavy showers helped wake me up.

    Gobi,image Did you fall in or were you pushed.image

    Psc, 8 month lay up saw me gain 6 kg all around my waist. Got a shock when I brought some new jeans online , I kept checking the size label for a couple of hours before going back and ordering the next size up.  

    Kate,  Yes the miles are slowly creeping up and the pace is getting slightly better but early days.

  • Morning all - turbo, garage prance and swim complete, in the pool, how cold was it Gobi? PSC your box is happy in our garage until you are ready for it. valis, do you think the homebrew could also be causing waistband issues? Track was pretty wild in the wind last night but 9 miles and 10 x 400m complete. Off to the dentist now, fun times!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Good job, Gobi. I won't even swim in Tooting Bec Lido because it's not heated (despite it being one of the loveliest outdoor pools in London and just up the road from me). Cold water and I do not get along!

    Did yoga yesterday and just my usual walk this morning. Legs are feeling tight but not bad at all. A little grouchy in the left outer quad, which is pulling on my hip somewhat, but nothing a bit of foam rolling won't fix. Wore my calf sleeves to bed Sunday and Monday nights and my calves feel quite OK.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    just a short run for me this morning

    had an expected parents evening this evening that I had forgotten about! Wasn't very pleased when I saw the text reminding me....


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    I get three of those a year - one each term. And three lots of reports. Ugh.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    cal - it was for one of my own children!! 

    don't talk to me about reports - in the next couple of weeks I have to do 26 subject reports for year 7, 26 tutor reports, 64 reports for year 8 and 25 for year 10.....

  • Good morning all

    3.5 miles this morning  and a rest day tomorrow.

    Kate, My home brew contains fresh hops so it must count as one of my five a day.

    I also think joking aside that not only the home brew but the new food van that started coming to our industrial estate and possibly a few take away curries may have played a part in my expanding waistline while injured. 

  • Morning all 6 mile, 5 at tempo, NW 2 rabbits, 1 squirrel, 1 snail, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 OR. Wind seems to have abated somewhat. Spin, swim and vote tonight.

  • I fell in image

    Off racing tonight, just about over the weekend
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    just a short swim for me today

    good luck racing gobi

  • DNF - cramp with 7 to go while racing well. I guess the weekend really was still in my legs.

    Nice 80 or so easy minutes just spinning around outside today.

    Is it wrong that the only election thing I know is Ed Balls lost his seat. To be fair I don't care, what does a voting card look like anyway ?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    That's a shame, Gobi. Bummer.

    Maths - I think you have me beat there because I only do PE reports, but I do have to do them for the entire school from nursery up to Year 6. Fortunately, EYFS only requires a paragraph for each child but above that, it's a mini-essay. Ugh!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    5 mile run this morning and a turbo this evening

    managed to avoid writing reports so far, but better get on with them soon!

  • Evening all - hill reps and then a swim tonight. Another one trying to avoid working tonight, but it's going to have to happen at some point over the weekend.

  • Good morning all

    4 miles this blustery morning. Nw 6 magpies, 1 buck,1 doe, 1 duck, 1 parakeet Dw 1 rabbit.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    off to a spinning class then swimming. 

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    First gym session in a couple of weeks - the gym has been shut for refurbishment and then I elected not to do any weights whilst recovering from the half.

    With all the new equipment to get used to, I mostly pottered about, chatted to another guy I know there about the new stuff and then lifted, but I didn't push too hard. However, my yoga class after went really well and I was able to do standing head-to-knee on both sides (I'd had to do one side only with the hammy problem, so this is good). I have to say my recovery this time around seems better, but I'll find out tomorrow when I do my first post-half run.

  • Afternoon - 95 bike miles and 3 running, the lake and it's chilly embrace beckons tomorrow.

  • Good morning all

    A 8 mile lsr this morning Nw 3 rabbits,5 Ducks,1 dog and owner

    Busy day home brew to keg and then off to football this afternoon.

    Kate, Enjoy your chilly dip

    Birky. Hope your not working too hard


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Saw some wildlife before I even started my run - two foxes playing in a neighbour's garden while I was putting my socks on, and then a cheeky magpie came and knocked on my window!

    Steady 5.5 miles on Tooting Common. Started off fairly slow (slow, but wasn't actually easy effort - I guess the old legs aren't fully recovered yet) - just under 10 and a half minute miles on miles 1, 2 and 4 (3 was a bit faster but it's mostly downhill) but then I got into a race with a redhead on mile 5 and ran 9:37. I guess I'm a competitive beast at heart.

    Usual common wildlife including two brown rats, plus a lot of runners, most of whom smiled. Lots of daisies, buttercups, cow parsley and the remains of the blossom so a rather pleasant run. Also, not too much discomfort, which is a plus.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    have woken up tired and sneezing so I am going to spend the morning tidying the house and marking image I always try to avoid the tidying

  • Morning - cracked the ice on the lake and had a swim, not as bad as expected, then a 13 mile run. Busy out there today, 12 OR, and a pack of 8 huskies being trained, I think they were being trainers, they were all in harness dragging some people around nonetheless. MC, I was very glamorous and did my household chores last night, although the laundry pile is out of control again, mainly sports gear again. Yoga later, then I am going to have to force myself to taper next week for the first triathlon of the year. Careful with that home brew after the match valis. Hopefully birky will be back soon. Maybe an NOC for you later to get out of the housework MC. Hope you saluted the magpie for luck Cal.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    I didn't, Kate - he was gone as soon as I'd wrestled myself into my socks (compression - always a bind to put on).

    I hear you on the laundry. I took up Bikram yoga last August after tearing my calf. Holy Jesus it produces so much laundry! Worst thing is I have no washing machine (flat is too small - there is literally nowhere to fit one) so I have to lug it all down to the laundrette. I get service washes but still, lot of lugging. Good strength training I suppose!

    Maths - my flat is a big mess. I am absolutely the worst for tidying.

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