Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • evening

    turbo this morning and a windy run this evening! I did wonder if it was wise to be running down a tree lined track in the crazy wind but survived image

  • evening

    rest day for me

    anyone know what has happened to birky? not like him to be absent for so long

  • Spin and swim for me. No idea where birky has gone, he usually only disappears with holidays and IT issues.

  • He has been gone about a month and a half now - hope he is ok

  • 3 good early runs this week for more miles than I did last week.

    Cycling is my mistress now

    Off to a race, enjoy the evening it is lovely out
  • summer is here!

    it was chilly this morning though - and must have been tired because my 4 miles were slower than normal but I enjoyed it anyway image

  • It was chilly this morning, gloves were on for my 6 miler. Bike for me tonight, working on the cyclist's tan. Good luck racing birky.

  • Nice Kate I raced and my tan has improved as well :??)

    How do we know Birky was racing ?
  • Nice Kate I raced and my tan has improved as well :??)

    How do we know Birky was racing ?
  • Nice Kate I raced and my tan has improved as well :??)

    How do we know Birky was racing ?
  • I just stood in a hot playground all afternoon so I guess I worked on my tan too. Still waiting for my Achilles to settle but it is getting better. I should be able to run on Sunday, or perhaps tomorrow.

  • birky wasn't racing, Kate's old age is showing! (ducks for cover) (I think I am older than kate anyway!)

    nothing for me today, but eaten plenty!

  • Ooooh MC, you know I meant Gobi, but he's repeating himself so we're all in the same boat.

  • I managed an SOC on a Saturday. Wasn't planning on it but I woke up at 4.:40 and it was already light and threatening to be a lovely day, so I ended up going out around 5.30 (after coffee and ablutions).

    I wasn't quite sure what I'd be capable of today but after the first two miles (a little over 10 min/mi pace) I decided to push, with the intention of running a couple of miles at HM pace. Instead, I somehow managed 7 miles at 10K pace (Garmin said I had run my best 10K somewhere within those 7). Best mile was 9:17. Slowest of the fast miles was 9:43 although that was mostly on an uphill gradient.

    Total was 9:58 miles (the last .58 were a cooldown) in 1:32:33. I think I amazed myself.

    Wore the compression tights. They're fine - I'll use them for the half. Also wore the new Free Flyknits again.

    Feeling good about the half now. Wondering if I should do a 10K the week before - there's a tempting one not far from me. Or is that a spectacularly bad idea?

  • morning all

    cal - depends if you can stop yourself from 'racing' the 10k and what you want out of the half really. If you want to pb the half, don't do the 10k. Well done on this morning's run

    I must have been tired as I slept for 10 hours, so missed the soc I had half planned for this morning. plan B is the normal spin the swim. Then I am meeting a friend for lunch image


  • I'll skip it then. image (To be honest, it just had a nice medal. Shallow, I know).

  • 80 mile bike, 5 mile run, that's the last long one done prior to IM Austria. It was beautiful out there at SOC, not surprised you felt inspired Cal. I am planning an afternoon siesta in the garden, busy at work and training means the thing that's had to give recently is sleep, so chores and a snooze. Might be my age MC.

  • Joyous 3 hours of running on the North Downs, NW 11 horses, 1 deer, 1 hare, 3 rabbis, 2 cats and plenty of dogs. 4 OR. No nap yesterday afternoon but I was rock and roll and in bed before 10. 

  • Very nice Kate

    I wrecked myself in a 10 mile TT yesterday and was rewarded with my best numbers of the year

    Not so good today as my 25 became a 10 and I wasn't so keen.

    Solid all the same

    Came home and went for a run

    What a lovely dayy
  • well done gobi

    I didn't get up in time to run this morning but took the kids out for a bike ride, then a nice arm workout pushing one on a swing on the way back image


  • No running yesterday, folks?

    I managed a 6.30am yoga class followed by a spin class.

    Today I got out for a run at 6.30 after a rather unsatisfactory night's sleep. Felt very groggy. I've cut back on my food this past week also (well, I've banished the brazil nuts and cut carbs a little) and I definitely feel a bit depleted, despite adding in a baked potato yesterday.

    Not very warm today so jacket was back on again.

    5.86 miles comprising of two miles warm up (10:10 and 10:18), one mile flat out (8:32), one recovery (11:16), one fast (8:52 - not quite as fast as the first one) and an amble home (11:15 pace).

    A few niggles but no major problems.

  • So why is it still so bloody cold ?

    Seems that here in Nuneaton area cars don't really car about cyclists as numerous people got very friendly as I rode this morning. Good job I am not a nervous rider.

    Be safe
  • Running, swimming, biking, working, also trying to come to terms with the promised heatwave seems to be swapped out for autumn instead.

  • evening

    I have been running in the mornings, but have started my exam marking (only 350 to mark) so am a bit buried at the moment

    the mornings are bloody freezing!

    take care gobi, too many cyclists getting killed lately

  • A proper SOC for me today. Woke up at 3.45. Wondered if I should go back to sleep or go out for a run. I guess I did both - I went out at just before quarter past four but was obviously still sleeping if my 11 minute miles were anything to go buy. It was like running through treacle this morning. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as I've dialed in my diet a lot and was running on less than 6 hours sleep. I might have been smarter to get some more Zzzzzs.

    However, I did witness the crescent moon hanging in a nice, pink stripey sky, lots of bids, zero pedestrians and one fox.

  • Maths - don't worry I never run any cyclists down image

    More racing and more swimming(YUCK) was back out running at 0500 yesterday and it was cold
  • evening

    warmer this morning and a nice slow 5 miles done

    DW - mole image

  • morning

    weather is horrendous as forecast so normal Saturday spin then swim

  • scrap that, taking my son to the out of hours GP image

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