Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Out in the dark this morning for a (just over) 5 mile recovery run. I usually have Tuesday off but I'm accompanying a class to Hampton Court today so I had no other option, really. No interesting wildlife but a few runners out. None of them smiled. I guess no one is that cheerful first thing in the morning.

  • evening

    short run this evening with my son - ridiculously windy!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    It's been a tough week weather wise! I've been out and ran but it's been like running through toffee!

    How is everyone else getting on?

    Cal - whenever i ran along the thames during the morning - noone ever smiled! I was down Weybridge way.

  • morning

    yes, the weather has been awful here too - and again this morning, wind is horrendous. Spinning and swimming for me, though getting out of bed was a struggle!

  • Drizzly 7.5 miler this morning. Slow and steady. Getting over another cold although not a bad one this time - just sniffles really.

    Not a good month for me - a lot's gone wrong regarding stuff around the house breaking and a lot of expense. I'm also looking at a career change in January. Not sure what yet.


  • Yep, I'm really not liking the mornings at the moment. I will go for a run this evening to try and balance it out.

    I should be going to the gym too, but that's not happening either. It's just too cold/dark/wet to muster the energy

  • Cal - sounds like a tough time. Have you decided to leave teaching?

    I am struggling with getting out of bed in the mornings! Had a slow run this evening though


  • Something like that.


  • 6am runs have been off the agenda for a while due to work commitments, hoping to get out there before dawn tomorrow though!

  • got myself out of bed for a slow 4 miler this morning, was much warmer than I was expeting so I was a bit overdressed!

  • hi all

    finally starting to feel better after a week of feeling rubbish, so another slow run this morning

  • Glad you're feeling better, maths. Bet you're looking forward to the Christmas hols, eh?

  • MrsFMrsF ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to get used to early morning (6am) runs. I did some in the summer and found it easier then but I struggle to get into the habit. Even though I am a morning person, I dread the early ones and end up not being able to sleep properly the night before. I am hoping that I'll get used to it, though. I often work long hours until late, so mornings are really the only option!image

  • cal - definintely!! had an observation today so didn't get up early. 

    welcome MrsF - you just have to get into the habit really, then you find you wake up even if you aren't going running...

  • MrsFMrsF ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the welcome, mathschick. Yes, that's what I'm hoping will happen!image

  • I always put my stuff out the night before - I leave it in the bathroom so when I get up I just get ready in there so I don't disturb my husband. I always wake before the alarm now I am used to it so that doesn't wake him up either

    just a couple of miles today

  • 10.6 miles of hills in the drizzle today. Nine slow and steady but the last 1.6 at just under HM pace. Felt OK. Did a few drills in the gym after, then yoga.

  • well done

    I haven't done anything - spent most of the day sorting out taking my eldest to the out of hours gp - asthma and chest bad and I was worried about him

    swimming tonight though so not a total loss

  • I organise running gear the evening before and get to bed at 10. Up at 5.45 and stick my head under a cold tap. Out by 6 and back at 7. If the weather is dry I don't mind the temperature - you can wear more layers if it's cold but I do give it a miss if it's raining heavily. There's a chance of seeing some stars or a nice sunrise if the timing is right and the foxes and squirrels sometimes come out to say good morning. An hour later it's all done and it's invariably a good day that follows. I like getting on the tube and feeling awake, strong and positive. The only negative might be the rare occasion when I misjudge things and have to poo in the communal grassy area in the flats nearbyimage

  • welcome atom

    Luckily I live in a small town so can nip into a field if I need to!

    4 miles for me today


  • 6 (well, 10K) tempo this morning. Not SOC though - 8am.

    Where abouts in London are you, Atom?

  • MrsFMrsF ✭✭✭

    Went out this morning, too. Felt great afterwards!

  • nothing today, didn't get up in time and this evening am having to look after youngest son who has hurt his ankle in PE while OH ferries about the oldest son!

  • where did everyone go??

    I am getting back into the routine, it is so warm in the mornings there were loads of blackbirds singing at 5 this morning!

  • I'm not running at SOC at the moment. 17 miles on Sunday and 4 miles today, all morning but all daylight.

  • well done, must be nice to be out during the daylight, it is that time of year when I don't get to see daylight! Hope you are well cal

    didn't get this morning! oops, planned on running this evening, but then youngest son had fainted at school so I stayed with him while OH sorted out eldest son

  • Been down for 5 weeks with Whooping cough now. Still feverish but most aggravating is the painful ribs. Man i can't wait to get back to waking up while its still dark to go for a run.

  • time to tri oh no, whooping cough is bad news

    just a 4 mile gentle run for me today, so warm, can't believe I was feeling too hot in shorts and t-shirt!

  • half marathon today, hard work but great low-key local event

  • I haven't been doing much soc this week - taking advantage of being off work to run during the daylight hours image

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