Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Ooouch!  Get well soon Tommygun & Jackson.image
  • haha....Chris now i have mental imagery of you and jackson paddling towards tennis balls! i say next time cheat and use flippers!

  • Good quality tempo run this morning, after a 1.29m warm up done a 3.35m tempo at an average pace of 6:55 everything was like a blur around meimage

    On the warm down air guitar to Led Zeps Whole lotta love, you can only do that on early mornings.

  • Long lie for me this morning.

    Nice morning up here again.

    Have a good day/weekend.

  • unfortunately no run for me this morning! been at physiotherapy/ advanced pt training course all day, as i will tomorrow- 7am til 6pm! boooooooo

    looking forward to mondays early run, going to make it a little longer than usual push my early morning boundaries!

    derekB- nice! loving the led zeps! for me i love 'babe im gonna leave you' and of course stairway...! wonder what will be on the ipod monday morning at god knows what time....hopefully something loud and unlifting!!

     have a good sunday all.

  • Race day for me tomorrow. So will be up early.

    Great Scottish 10k in Glasgow. My first race in years !"

  • I'll hold my hand up to mouthing along to "Mr Brightside" - certainly helps the weary legs towards the end of a Saturday morning LSR.   There might even be the occasional hand wiggle to Faithless, haven't had the guts to try air guitar, but it could be worth a try - might wait for the dark mornings image

  • a belated good luck from me Birkmyre!...even though now you most definitely have finished the race! how'd you get on?

    just spent another day full of PT. advanced training exams, practicals involving deadlifts, plyometrics, barbells, explosive strength training- not the best stuff for a endurance runner!!! i dont exactly have the muscle build for it!...however on the 'plank' exercise i aced it holding it for 7 minutes!!!!!!!! yipppeeeee and pat on the back for me!imageimageimage

    did a 'cooper' running test too and was classified as 'superior/ professional athlete'- well i hope so!! the only test i thought i had an advantage on!image

    anyway looking forward to getting back to my more familiar training and starting that off nice and early tomorrow morning with a long run...bring on the cheesy tunes!

    hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

  • Morning.

    10K Yesterday: Ran about 51-52 mins. Under-estimated my finishing time and ran in a sold pack of runners. Never got into my stride, but just settled down and enjoyed the race.I felt that I'd lots in hand at the finish. Secretly wanted to run about 48mins.  Howeverit was great to get back into a race. Dull, but warm and it warmed up for half marathoners which started at 10:30am. Our race was a 9;30 start.

    Given myself a day off today and then back to 'stupid o'c lock' running tomorrow.

    Well done Gemma on your PT strengths.

    I often run with songs in my head. If I sang them I'd scare any wildlife aboutimage

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  • No morning run for me today, watched a film last night and didn't go to bed untill 12.30.image

    I might run tonight and then get back to morning running tomorrow.image

  • congrats on the run Birkmyre...thats great! and yeah you deserve the break this morning!

    tommy- haha what film?? must have been good then!

     went out this morning for run, didnt exactly end up being as long as thought- legs a little weak after yesterday!!! but did good run none the less- saw 7 police cars, 3 ambulances and one fire engine and paramedic- thats london for you!!!


  • Oh well Gemma things don't alway go to plan.

    All the emergency services then image

    The film wasn't particularly good but once I started to watch it I wanted to see how it turned out.

    It was called The Invisible.

  • haha i have poor concentration levels so can easily turn films off! but if its good then i'll stay up....want to see 'salt' though...

    yeah bit of mayhem in the morning- but exciting!

  • ooh just done an evening run image didn't like it and It all felt wrong, my falt for having a late night on Sunday. Back to normal tomorrowimage
  • Morning, back to stupid o clock runniiing.

    3 miles easy/steady just to get back into it. Wet and windy. Mild though. Bit quieter and less crowded than my last run.

    Couple of foxes spotted and thatsbasically  my wildlife watch for this mornings run.

  • Morning

    6.7 miles easy run this morning, getting darker and darker, I will have o think about a head tourch I think.

    Saw a couple of horses today and loads of ducks.

  • morning all.

    hope last nite wasnt too traumatic tommy- too much traffic ehh???

    today a bit of a struggle again having DOMS in quads- ouch...anything downhill was @!~#!!!!!!! poor quads! managed 45 mins then just walked it off....

    only one lonely fox today. hopefully tomorrow will be better now worst over...

  • Gemma  the thing I don't like about running in the evenings is I tend to feel slugish after a days work plus there tends to be more people about walking dogs who can't seem to control them. The dog walkers I see in the mornings seem to have far better behaved dogs. I'm not a big fan of dogs after being bitten by one a couple of years agoimage

     Anyway running in the mornings set me up for the day and means I can do other things in the eveningimage

  • It's nice to know i'm not the only early morning nutter! I've always been a morning person and it makes me feel better for the rest of the day. It is definitely easier in the summer but the crisp cold mornings are grrrreat! Picture me at 4.00am dressed in my running kit huddled on the bottom step on the stairs clutching a hot extra strong coffee which i'm trying to ingest as quickly as possible before I force myself out the door into the icy morning.

    Even though my husband/colleagues/friends/cats etc think i'm barmy, early mornings are the best! 

  • mrs jock,

     we're all there with you in the winter...i have to really motivate myself at 4am about to burst out the door into the cold with the cold air touching exposed skin! really wakes you up quickly!


  • Hello Mrs Jock  

    4 am is really hard core image 5-5.30am is my normal time and that feels early.

    I'd have to go to bed way to early to get up at 4am image

  • tommy unfortunately for me 4am is normal! due to work and 'normal' get up hours being 5am it means to fit a run in is 4am!!! so im there with mrs jock!

    and yes....i have to go to bed wayyyyyy to early!!!!!!image or if not......the girl has to nap!!!!image

  • Wecome to Mrs Jock. Great to have another 'stupid o clock runner'' image join us.

    I get grumpy when I have an unintentional lie in. Then I turn over and get dopeyimage Rubbish 'jok'e to sart the day with. Got my stupid comment/'joke' over early anyway...image

  • haha! nice one birkmyre...image

    still suffering with DOMS from weekend intensive strength training. had ice bath last night, my first try at it-lots of yelping and lasted 10 mins, worst bit is the getting in.

    went out today, bit hobbly but ok mananged just slightly less than normal run..hope tomorrows better.

     one chirpy fox, and cat sitting in road and few birds....

  • MrsJock: 4am is earlier than me. respect

    Gemma; I know it's an old 'joke/comment' but it's just my stupid type of 'humour'.

  • Gemam; Your also a 4am runner ? Respect to you also.
  • yes Birkmyre i am! believe or not, i am that nutty....4am today....it does make you tired in the evening but i wouldnt have it any other way...its great being out then..the whole city feels like its just mine and i dont have to share it with the rest of the worldimage
  • Morning gentle 5.2 miles today

    Its a bit dull and grey out.

    Saw 2 foxes and 2 white cats

  • agreed...bit grey...but jees did it rain yesterday!!! hope no one was stuck in down pour!

     nice 6 miler for me getting back into it after achy legs, 3 foxes ( one of which i literally ran into...dont know who was more scared!), 2 cats, bats and birds..and few drunk people..!

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