Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Just off out. 20 miles to do. Should be back with plenty of time to freshen up before a 9am meeting...

  • Morning you lot

    Charles; Welcome...Enjoy the meeting

    Morning valis: Some score between Reading and Arsenal 5-7 ! last night. Hope you get your bike situation sorted soon.

    3M easy for me, suddenly got  a cold and feel kinda  lethargic.

     NW: 1 owl, 2 cats, 3horses1 Kingsmill Van, lots of fallen leaves,


  • 20 miles mid week... wow! 

    Well I've done 8 and am a happy (if a tad wet) bunny.  It was raining and then it wasn't, it was calm and then it wasn't.  I would rather have had the drizzle than the wind I think.  Not that this little paragraph will have any influence on things, but there, I've said it now! image

    GSXR...  not a bad little commuting hack!

    Morning team image


  • Morning all - no SOC for me this morning, will join the masses at NOC. Gosh, 20 miles and back for a 9am meeting, I dream of being that fast! Happy hump day folks.

  • Morning and Happy Halloween

    Changing weather here too. Clear when we set off but with ominous dark clouds on the horizon which swept in and gave 10 minutes of icy rain before clearing away to leave bright sunshine.

    NW zero, 
    OR 1,
    Forestry men loading logs onto flat bed, 2 

  • Hi all,

    I ran my first 5km, I'm not a long distance runner so I have no idea if 30 minutes and 16 seconds is good. I was going to go up to a track but it was horrible with wet gravel, it was like cement! image

  • Morning all, was quite pleased with 7.5 miles till I spotted somebody off out for a 20 miler before a meeting, welcome Charles, I bet you eat all the biscuits at the meeting!

    Cold and dry this morning with a good moon to help make it look a lot lighter.  NW was two muntjac deer and what I imagined was 3 wolves.  About a mile down the trail I see 3 sets of eyes reflecting back at me in the beam of my headtorch, probably 30 yards or so ahead, they are either very brazen deer or somethings escaped from the zooimage  .  I slowed down as they started to come towards me and I can see it is two alsations and another reasonable sized dog, so that's ok it's not wolves that are going to take me down.  As the dogs start barking I suddenly see a torch go on about 20 yards away and the owner informs me "they won't hurt you", as I told him probably easier for him to say  than for me to believe.  I thought my running the trail in the dark could be classed as bizarre behaviour but I think taking 3 dogs out for a walk and not using a light really is bizarre

  • Craiggers, that's under 10min/mile, so that's good if it's your longest run to date. Aim for 9 mins/mile next. For comparison, I've been training for a while and my run this morning was at 8:30 mins/mile for the first 15miles and then 7:30 for the last 5. So you were running only 1min30s per mile slower than my first section. That's meant to make you feel good by the way in case that wasn't obviousimage

    Yeah sorry JF50. I do my long run on Wednesday mornings because I like to keep weekends relatively clear to be with family and stuff. I ate my bowl of Fruit and Fibre with vanilla protein shake poured on it at the meeting image Sitting down was a bad move though.

  • Also, can we rename this thread to "......... dedicated O'clock ........"? It's only "stupid" if you have no goals or aspirations and I doubt any of those people will be reading the runnersworld forums. image

  • Hi Charles

    I see you have found your way to this threadimage

    No SOC for me as I have the day off work to attend a funeral of a freindimage

    Will go for a run afterwards to clear my head, back to SOC after Beachy my legs have just about recovered.

  • What is the NW all about?  I don't understand the abrieviation image

  • NW = Nature watch

    Dw= dead watch e.g road kill

    Pw= plod watch

    zombie watch all sightings of these must be reported,there are more of these than you might think.

    Ninja cyclists = cyclist wearing dark cloths and no lights on their bikes 

    sure there are a few more.

  • OR - other runner

    NOC - normal o clock

  • Hmm. (mostly) Nature reserve run

    NW - everywhere. Voles, sheep, dogs, flock of geese, 300 birds that I woke with my head torch and flew off, flies

    DW - 1 (very flat hodgeheg)

    OR - Didn't see another soul, let alone runners.

    What are you all using for light? I'm off road for 60% of the time, with lots of folliage, so it's very dark. I use the DX pop-lite (H6) with Cree Q5. It's comfortablish for about 2 hours and has a flashing red led on the back.

  • Morning

    4M Fartlek on a morning with smiry rain up here.

    Martin: We have a SOC owlimage I named him 'Ovett' and I see/hear him most morning. This place is mad...

    Booked tickets for indoor athletics in January in the new Glasgow Indoor arena.

  • Just been out for my 3rd SOC run in 4 days and this time kept an eye out for NW,OR's,DW, etc... but nothing, ha!

    Nice run today though, my knee was much easier which is a relief and I discovered I had a load of Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Etta James, etc on my iPod which I'd forgotton about, but it made for a very chilled out run at 5.30! 

    I'm getting used to this already image  

    (still sticking with a pre run coffee for now btw!)



  • Morning Martin

    Yes I can see you're already getting used to the ways of this forum..

    NW for me today. 1 owl, 1 Kingsmill Van, 2 llamas (honest Martin image- They are at a local City Farm)) 4 horses, 1cyclist

    valis: Good win for Blues, and bit of a doing for Gers last night.

    PW: 1 car.

  • Craigeers: Well done on your first 5k.

  • Morning all

    No run today.

    Birky, Yeah good win only problem was extra time meant extra Guiness to ease my nerves. That Gers home defeat hard to swallow with a score line like that. 

    Charles, alpkit Gamma

    Craigeers, The first of many. Don't fret about the time you are young and have plenty of time to get faster.

    Wave to all.

  • Thanks everyone. No early run today, I'm going up to my athletic club and giving my forums and everything in today! image
  • morning everyone

    tommy - sorry to hear about the funeral, hope the day wasn't too hard

    well, my knee was getting more and more painful so I got my dad to take me to the local hospital's minor injuries unit (they closed the A&E and replaced it with that) the dr there says he thinks there is damage to the cartilage and possibly ligaments, has put me on crutches and told me to stay off work for two weeks and then go to see the gp to have it reviewed. Not very happy....

    have a lovely day everyone

  • Feel for you MC, bad enough picking up an injury but not really knowing what it is makes it even more frustrating. 

  • I think it is not knowing how long I will be without being able to exercise that is the worst

    my tri coach has recommended a physio that used to work with the elite GB triathletes and F1 driver Mark Webber, hopefully he will be able to help, and give me clear instructions as to what to try to get my gp to do in terms of referring me on. Spending months laid up on the sofa is not an option!

  • The real problem might come with the GP, sports injuries and the NHS are often debated on here and rarely with in a positive way.  Don't you get any private cover through your work, sure they don't want teachers off for long periods?

  • no no private cover through work, bah, they don't want teachers off but aren't prepared to pay for private medical cover

  • Morning all - 6.4 miles in the rain this morning, 1 OR. MC, rubbish luck, have you been sitting too close to valis? Charles, I use a Petzl something, pretty much every day now the clocks have changed. Birky, jealous of the athletics, they'll all be prepping for Moscow. Martin, you're in the SOC swing of things already. Another run at NOC for me, and then tomorrow off so will try and get out for a long one.

  • Evening

    maths: sorry to hear of your injury

    Valis: Think Inverness fully deserved their win according to younger son. I can imagine extra Guiness wasn't exactly a hardshipimage

    KateF: Yeah really looking forward to it.

  • Morning and a cold one up here too.

    4M steady. Cold seems to have lifted.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 2 horses, 1 Kingsmill Van, 2 scaffolding on the sides of houses. 3 BMWs 1 white trainer.

  • Morning team. No running this weekend. Will explain later; don't panic, it's all good! image
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