Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning psc.

    We await with baited breath your news...image

  • morning gang

    up soc but no exercise, just getting the kids ready

  • Morning all, out at 5.15am with the cat again, and again I ran into those 3 dogs and owner still lagging them by 20 yards in the dark.  Starting to get bloody annoying having to stop and wait for him to get close enough to him before they go to him, just.  No leadsimage

    Took a tumble this morning, just hit something very solid under the leaves and went down on my front, fast enough to take a good slide on the wet leaves.  Couple of little cuts on knees and elbow, mud up the right sleeve and generally covered in mud down the front of the legs, a strange sight if I had bumped into anybody else!  NW was nothing apart from noises and they were mainly me.

    PSC I'm intrigued.  Enjoy the weekend all.

  • Morning everyone. 

    4th SOC run in 5 days.  I'm liking it, would like it more if it wasn't so cold, but heh, it's not like it would be any warmer of a night time is it!

    Knee was a little stiff and achey again after the first mile and a half.  I'm thinking about getting a strap or something - anyone recommend that or think it should be avoided?

    The only NW for me was a cat, my own, who I saw on the way back who looked at me as if to say "what on earth do you think you are doing out at this time of the morning.   And are those tights you are wearing!?!?!?" -  Oh, I also saw a milkman for the first time, I had no idea people still got milk delivered!!

  • Martin - all I can say is be careful of your knee! No idea about using a strap, but maybe a rest day is in order?

  • Morning all

    Went out cycling last night and had some very strange readings on my HR monitor. 247 bpm at the start of the ride coasting downhill but only 150 bpm when I was pushing it up a really steep hill. I don't think those readings can be correct or else I must have a very odd heart! 

    Out this morning for a shortish run around the MOD land where we came across a bunch of squaddies preparing their breakfast of sausages and bacon! Otherwise we had the place to ourselves. 

    NW 1 bird of prey that could have been an owl,1 big fat worm and a few other random birds.

    SW (squaddie watch) 5 concealed in the trees but given away by the aroma of cooking. 

    Ninja cyclists last night - definitely not me. I was lit up like a Christmas tree! 

    Off up north tomorrow to check out the Springer Spaniel so I might be getting a new running mate!!

  • Mathschick, I've never had problems with my knee before, even when I was putting in loads of miles marathon training this year.  I first noticed it in my 2nd run after a 4 days off having done the Marathon, I rested 2 days, ran 3 easy and felt it again so had a full week off until this Monday.  It's genuinely not so bad that it makes me feel I need to stop, so having already taken a week off I thought that easing back into regular running would be ok.  If it carried on I'll probably go for a sports massage and see what they say.  Really don't want to be laid up image


  • Martin: Like others have said be careful with your knee.

  • Morning all! It is 6:45am and I have just had my pre run jam butties. This is my first morning run in a while and i'm looking forward to running in daylight for a change. image
  • Morning Beth. Have a good one.

    I, on the other hand, am enjoying a lazy start and plenty of tea!

    Good luck Chris. fingers crossed that you "connect"..... Assuming that is what you do. I've never been out looking for a dog so wouldn't know for sure what you are looking for.

    Watch those knees folks. Back off the miles and stay off the hills.
  • And to answer the strap question. Don't. Is my advice. All they really do is keep the knee warm. Part of the problem is either overuse which will lead to swelling, poor bio mechanics which will lead to a tracking problem and therefore cause rubbing and inflammation of the bursas , or tired shoes which will increase the pounding effect and give poor lateral support or twisting which will give ligament issues. None of these are going to be fixed by neoprene. They are more likely to be fixed by increasing the strength and correcting the movement of the joint and surrounding muscles. Wrk the muscles in opposing pairs as muscle in balance is also an issue (cyclists can have this problem with, for example, over developed quads causing an unbalance to the hams).
  • PSC - we are still waiting to find out what you are up to!

    morning beth, hope you have a good run.

    When I was at the hospital on Monday they wrapped up my knee in gauzy stuff and put a bandage round, I took it off yesterday to have a shower and was shocked by a large swelling on the inside/front area. From reading around on the internet I think it is probably a meniscal tear. Going to go to a really good physio on Monday, write down loads of questions to take with me, make notes, and see what he says. I might be at the gps asking to be referred for an mri on Tuesday .....

  • Good morning allimage

    5 miles this morning in the pouring rain. Yesterday Park Run, still getting my head around the heart rate figures. Today ran a lot slower than yesterdays park run but had a much higher heart rate.

    The only thing I can think  of for this is that I was wearing a jacket today and hotter so body and heart working harder to keep me cool. Any thoughts on this appreciated.

    Nw nil   OR One.

    Maths sorry to hear of your injury hope all goes well at the physio tomorrow.

    Chris, Have you a new best friend/addition to the family today.

  • Morning

    A very busy saturday yesterday. Just been out walking Geordie. Cold and dry (just)

    Nice to hear you're getting out Beth.

    maths:Hope the physio goes well tomorrow.

    Chris: Thats good new  getting a new dog.image

  • morning all

    well, would have been my marathon today so a bit sad

    using crutches is such hard work I reckon I am getting a good upper body workout everytime I move though! Kids have been with the inlaws, we are picking them up later so going to park very close to our favouriate cafe and have some lunch before we get them. Never been so excited about going out in the rainimage

  • Morning all - just. Only 7 miles this morning, was out in the worst of the rain and felt so bloddy miserable I packed up, not like me but the roads were flooded and I was puddle dancing more than running. Everything watch 0, what idiot would go out in those conditions.... Hard luck MC, hope the physio sorts you out. MK, hope your knee troubles get sorted, and JF, lucky you didn't join the injury bench as well. Chris, I do hope the new dog gives you and us as much fun as Jackson did, more dog photos from you, birky and Craigerrs. Valis, heart rates are odd, first mile into Abingdon mine was topping 215, but an average of 155, mine never goes down on jog recoveries from hard efforts but drops as soon as I stop. Had a check up with my consultant last week for various health issues and need to start keeping a diary with sleep, resting HR etc so am going to start to annoy Mr F with my beeping in bed at SOC. So come on PSC, what's the news? Stay dry everyone.

  • I'm back in the country. I have been in Krackow this weekend. Went out on Thursday and got back late last night. Phenomenal weekend. What a simply beautiful place for a long weekend.
  • Good news, I am in the Ironman study, so Challenge Barcelona 2013 here I come!
  • that's great Kate. So lucky to have access to the training etc. Should be good fun

  • fabulous - well done Kate.  

  • Well done Kate great news, do we now call you Iron KateF or is that when you have finished it.image

  • Great news Kate. Good luck with the training.

    Here's a photo of our new dog. He's called Rusty!


  • Morning from a cold and frosty West of Scotland.

    5M Fartlek. NW: 1 owl, 2 lamas, 4 horses,1 kingsmill Van, 2 German Tourist Coaches, PW: 1 car.

    Kate: Well done.

    Chris: Thats a great picture of Rusty.

    psc: My sis in law was over there last year and really enjoyed it.

  • morning

    cold and frosty here too

    Chris - Rusty is cute, hope he behaves

  • feeling pleasantly idle today... Monday is rest day after all.  Not sure why I am resting - last run was Wednesday last week! image

    Morning peeps..

  • Morning all - no SOC today, out at NOC for run and spin. Rusty looks lovely, when's his first run Chris? I've got nearly a year until I'm iron anything valis. PSC, you didn't take your trainers to Poland?

  • Great news Kate with your selection. Good looking dog Chris.  PSC that sounds a cracking weekend.  I ran yesterday morning, not run in that much rain for a long time, it's fortunate you only get wet the once!  Tea and shower afterwards were marvellous.

  • Morning all.

    Well done Kate, hope the training goes well. 

    Did my 3rd King Lynn Park Run on Saturday, first one since July and a PB by 24seconds at 20:36, well chuffed.  An easy 4 mile SOC run at 5.30 (my earliest yet!), NW 2 cats, both black, both fat and very fluffy, otherwise not another moving object seen.

  • Morning all,

    Had a good tempo run last night so took Rusty for a walk this morning to get him used to the area and see how his recall is. Luckily, he responds really well and comes back to a call or to the whistle so I'll be running with him tomorrow and hopefully won't lose him! 

    Not sure whether to post this on the SOC thread or maybe find a dog behavior forum to join!!

    PSC - I've always wanted to visit Krakow. Will have to sort out a long weekend sometime and get your advice on stuff to do there.


  • happy to advise on how we did it.  The only down side to the weekend was Ryan Air, but it was our choice to use them so can't grumble (too loudly anyway)!


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