Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • morning all

    Emmy and Kate - good luck today

    have a lovely weekend everyone

  • Morning all, SOC today is only for another working Saturdayimage

  • morning all

    getting very frustrated with a rubbish internet connection - we've been having problems for a while now. Don't know what is going on, we are getting a new router next week and I am hoping that will solve the problem - our current one is maybe 8 or 9 year old so maybe just not be up to the job any more

    loula and rocker - well done image 

    rocker - hope your ankle held out ok and you haven't damaged it further

  • oh sorry guys, that posted on the wrong thread!!image

  • well, I am having problems with the internet!!image

  • image

    Morning team... I know I am not the first 1 up as Chris is on route to Ballbuster! image

    LSR later... going to let it warm up a bit and brighten up too.

  • Good morning allimage

    6 miles run this cold morning and 5 miles yesterday inc park run.

    Nw 1 Rat , 1 Fox

    new thermostat fitted to boiler however on inspection what was a small dribble from header tank a few months ago has worsened so time to take a £500 bullet and get a new one fittedimage .

    Chris all the best for to day hope it goes well.

    Kate and Emmy hope you both have shiny new PBS for your efforts yesterday.

  • Morning Chris, psc and valis

    Cold and frosty one up here today, quite slippy underfoot when walking Geordie

    'Lest we forget' today

  • morning all

    valis - oh, bad news on the boiler.

    beautiful cold morning here, and soc (ish - 8am) swim for me. Managed to get in and out of the pool and swam 60 lengths with a pull buoy. First bit of exercise for 2 weeks and it felt goodimage

  • Afternoon all - hope the Ballbuster went well Chris, and the LSR PSC, lovely day for it. Glad you've managed a swim MC, onwards and upwards. Valis, what a lovely early Christmas present to yourself. Birky, we had our silence just before the race start at cross country today, and Mr F went down to the Remembrance parade.

    Yesterday went better than expected, 40 miles in 6.47, I was first lady until about quarter of a mile to then end and was pipped at the post, gutted! Averaging 10 min miles so happy with that, and also got to finally meet Emmy. Friend's birthday last night so curry, cider and red wine to recover, then 5 hilly and muddy miles XC today, my god it hurt. Was extremely slow but I did it, and off to yoga this afternoon to stretch it all out. Enjoy the rest of Sunday folks.

  • well done Kate, even if you weren't first lady that is still amazing. Even more amazed that you could run today.


  • Evening all,

    Had fun at the Ballbuster this morning despite missing the 3 hour cut off at the end of the cycle leg by 5 minutes and having to sneak past the marshals to carry on for the final 8 mile run!! It'll be interesting to see how my results are worked out considering I entered the bike/run transition but didn't exit it and somehow still managed to pass over the finish line! 

    Kate, very well done on your 40 miler - that's very impressive and even more so that you were out boozing and currying last night and still managed 5 miles today!

  • Evening peeps,

    Kate I am so impressed!  not only that you ran 40 miles but the time you did it in aswell!

    Still not been out to run yet, have netball tomorrow so aiming for a Tuesday SOC.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend image

  • Mornig you lot

    5M Fartlek done Cold with some smiry rain.

    NW: 1 owl, 2 kids balloons.2 llamas, 1 Kingsmill Van, 1 horse,

    Kate: Great run even if you are disappoinnted.

    Chris: Same with you.

    Donster: Hope you get out SOC tomorrow.

    valis: Disappointing result yesterday.

  • Morningimage

    I'm backimageimage, two weeks out after Beachy first run this morning image Calf and right quad still alittle stiff but on the mend..

    NW 0

    OR 2  temporay traffice lights 1

  • Morning Tommy: Good to have you back.

  • morning all

    no soc activity apart from sorting kids out

    will be swimming again today

  • Good morning allimage

    No run as rest day today

    Birky, Very sloppy to let that one slip.

    Tommy , Good news

    Kate, Well done great time.

    Chris, Well done, very sneaky should have a few officials scratching their heads.

  • Morning all - no SOC today, spin tonight and maybe a sneaky little NOC run. You're back Tommy, well done, when does IM training start in earnest? Thanks Dobster, hope you make it out tomorrow. Chris, sneaky move, with the cost of the BB you want to wring out every bit of it you can! Birky, no Germans, holiday season over? Have a good day everyone.

  • Morning all, its a NOC for me today, LSR yesterday was a 13.5 miler in gloriously sunny, frosty weather.

    Great event Chris and will be interesting on what they work out from your method of getting through transition the way you did.

    Kate great running, really good time for that mileage.  I was happy that I had shifted my weekly mileage up to 40 this weekimage

  • First run in the dark today. The combo of a balaclava and a head torch made me feel furtive and a gonk all at the same time. 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all!

    It was indeed great to see Kate and thanks for the encouragement! It was fantastic to see you looking so strong - definitely an inspiration to us mere mortals doing the 26 miler!

    Marathon was a bad day for me... it broke me and i'm feeling a little tender but OK. I'm hoping to get out a NOC today for a recovery jog.

  • Emmy_H wrote (see)

    Hi all!

    It was indeed great to see Kate and thanks for the encouragement! It was fantastic to see you looking so strong - definitely an inspiration to us mere mortals doing the 26 miler!

    Marathon was a bad day for me... it broke me and i'm feeling a little tender but OK. I'm hoping to get out a NOC today for a recovery jog.

    Sorry to ask (newbie). I have figured out what lSR is but what is NOC?

  • Hi!

    Was out this morning for a hilly 4 miler on the army ranges and didn't feel too bad after yesterday's efforts but I'm starting to feel a bit weary now and my legs are tightening up a bit. Think I need to do some stretches and foam rollering when I get home this evening.

    This was the view from Box Hill at 7am yesterday morning. Well worth getting up for!!




  • Great photo Chris, who wants to stay in bed when that view awaits for a little effort.

  • Good Morning allimage

    6 miles this morning, very warm here and a clear sky after a night of rain.

    Nw 2cats .

  • Morning valis

    I slept in !image

    Kate: Nope no German tourist coaches lately. Think holiday season is over for them too.image

    Chris: Great photo.

  • morning gang...

    sports massage yesterdsay so a bit stiff today.  Might try and run later.


    Great photo Chris. 

    It's Tommy's birthday so I've put a bottle of red aside for a birthday drink after work.  imageimage

  • morning all

    happy birthday tommyimage

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