Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Happy birthday Tommy.

    Birky, I hope you did 4x 20 press ups to make up for the shame.image

  • Morning all - I'm letting the side down, no SOC for me this morning as track later and I'm not quite back to a double session yet. Happy birthday Tommy, does that mean I have an excuse to have a drink tonight too? Although after track it's pretty much the last thing I want to do! How was the pub after the marathon Emmy, pictures look good on Facebook, I still feel guilty I leaned into Foxy's birthday cake and had icing down my front until a nice lady wiped me down.

  • Hi everyone,

    Relatively happy with my running at the moment.  I did 10 miles on Saturday, which was my longest run for 5 weeks and felt gooooooood.  Yesterday was my longest SOC run at 6miles, then this morning did what started as a easy 2 miles and turned into a couple of miles tempo, when I saw an OR in the distance and decided to see how close I could get to him before I passed home!

    Knee is a tiny bit better during my runs than it has been recently, a little worse straight after them, but then I am running further or harder this past few days.  Going to book a sports massage today (if I get time).

    And Happy Birthday Tommy!! image

  • Morningimage

    Didn't run this morning as planned, not because its my birthday but because I am not wellimage Stomach problems, must have had something dodgy yesterday.

    Anyhoo Thanks for the Birthday whishesimage

    Hopefully I will feel better later so I can have a coulpe of drinks this eveningimage

    KateF The Ironman Training proper starts next week. I still have to work out a schedule but it will probably consist of loads of cycling quite a bit of running and a bit of swimming( as little as I can get away with, I don't enjoy swimming)

  • Evening

    valis: As few press ups as that !image

    Tommy: Happy Birthdayimage

    Martin: Sounds like you're going well.

    Currently reading 'The Secret Olympian'.

  • Good morning allimage

    A rather speedy 3 miler

    Nw 1 cat

  • Morning from a driech West of Scotland

    4.5M through smiry rain

    NW: 1 owl, 1 KingsmillVan, 2 wet looking horses,  2llamas. PW: 1 car.

    Morning valis.

  • Morning mate

    Realised its Juventus away in CL next Tuesday !

  • morning all

    achy after a long swim yesterday, so probably won't swim today. May go to the gym and do some weights instead

    have started reading 'Keep on running' but I am finding his style a bit annoying

  • Morning all - 5.7 miles, very slow, 1 fox, 1 Hovis van and 1 OR. Whose book is it MC? Training for a parkrun PB this morning then valis? Birky, who is the secret Olympian? PSC and Tommy, hope you both enjoyed the birthday drinks. MK, glad the knee is improving. Running around all over London with clients today, hope to get back for a spin, and maybe a swim later, got to get some lessons booked. Happy hump day.

  • Kate - it is by Phil Hewitt. Got it from the library, glad I didn't buy it....

  • hic!


    a very mild and pleasant 8 miles done.... very wet on the trails, too wet for road shoes image

    I'm off to Amazingstoke shortly for a day of x-brand networking! 

    80 press ups!  were you chanting ....."I must I must Improve My Bust".... not that that would have been appropriate obviously! image

  • Ah Amazingstoke, happy days PSC!

  • Morning all.  Emmy sorry I missed that you were running at the weekend, another marathon ticked off, congratulations.  Tommy a belated Happy Birthday to youimage

    Out at 5.15am for a 6.25 miler, felt more like a 10kmimage  Ran round the town and probably will till the leaves have stopped falling down the railway walk, a few cars seen, delivery lorry at the back of the Co-op and numerous cats eyes though actually only saw the owner of one set of them.

  • Afternoon all.

    Very mild this morning and had to change the route slightly due to forestry work so added an extra 2 hills to an already hilly run! We're avoiding the tree felling areas because we're not sure whether Rusty will run over to investigate and maybe jump into one of those branch shredding devices or have a tree fall on him. Not a pleasant thought!


  • Saw my first house with its Christmas lights upimage when going through Renfrew on bus to/from work today !

    Kate: No idea, not a track and field athlete I don't think.

    psc: No chanting, just counting 1,2,3...

  • Good morning allimage

    6 miles this morning

    Nw 2 cats, 1 fox, 3 loose horses running down the road towards me image Thankfully they stopped and headed back before going down a side road ,hopefully where the field they escaped from is. Typically hadn't taken phone with me and didn't  come across any phone boxes on the rest of the run. Reported it when I got in.

    Kate,  No  park run pb for sometime I imagine but first week for a while where I have got out for 5 runs. Now to start building again.


  • Morning - no SOC for me, complicated travel plans for meetings today, but will NOC later. Should I just say morning Ranger valis?

  • Morning Kate,

    Foggy up here NW wise. Thick fog in fact.

  • Morning Valis: You a Ranger then ?imageimageimage

  • Perfect choice of nickname!

  • Morning Kate: It made me laugh (quietly though !)image

  • morning all

    still no running but the physio told me yesterday to do bike and swim training as normal, so will attempt that todayimage

  • foggy SE too... morning gang.

    A lazy start for me.... **yawn**

    LOL at the horse whisperer....image  That would be a bit scary actually if 3 horses were trotting towards you down a country road.... image

  • An ex girlfriend had a horse I like them and know what they can be like. This morning when they stopped before going back  the way they had come I was not happy at the thought of having to try to pass spooked horses. 3 cars went by none seemed too concerned and only one slowed down which made the horses quite agitated. also no so much of a country road quite often articulated lorries use this road. Thankfully none about this morning.  You can laugh but look at my new running gear I am going to start wearing cool or what.






  • Good morning,

    5 1/2 mile SOC run for me this morning.  NW : Didn't actually see anything but definitely heard an owl.  Also had my first ninja cyclist incident, when at something akin to a hairpin bend on my route I turned left (this was on a PATH by the way) and a cyclist, all in black, with no lights, came bombing round the same corner and bundled into me!  No damage done but scared the life out of me TBH!

    Off for a sports massage this morning to work the knee, then Saturday I have a proper physio appointment too.  I will beat this annoying thing!!! image


  • Valis, that ammo belt might chafe a bit, body glide on first.

  • Cool running kit Valis - I reckon it'll catch on!

    Just me and Rusty out running this morning - Jenny's working at the polling station for the police commission elections (bet she'll have a busy day!!). Rusty had his first encounter with an army exercise this morning and wasn't fazed at all so no concerns there.
    NW 2 Crows, 1 Woodpecker
    Squaddie Watch, several heard but not seen. 


  • Morning

    valis: Aye very good re picture. image

     Cold but dry. No fog today,

     NW:1 owl, 3 post office vans, 2 llamas, 1cat, 1 fox, 2robins on a fence singing away big time.

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