Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Woke up at 5.30 am to my first hangover in over a year. Decided to go out running to 1. Beat myself for over indulging 2. To kill the hangover.

     It worked all right. Now I just feel tired and am just about to nod off at my deskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • I missed all  the heavy rain up here (8am -lunch time) by running at stupid o clock yesterdayimage

    Fartlek this morning , well at least it was dry !!

    Shattered at moment...

  • ejc wrote (see)

    I prefer to run in the morning (although not always as early as some of you on here!)

    I don't eat anything before I run but I always clean my teeth before I go. This wakes me up, plus, I don't like the thought of huffing and puffing with morning breath. My OH takes the p*ss though - am I alone in this habit?

    Absolutely not, ejc.  I always brush my teeth before a run.  My OH doesn't take the p*ss tho', he's still fast asleep!
  • New running year for me started on Monday. Don't ask why too long ago to go into exact by late July details.

    Realised on Monday that I've been keeping a training diary since since July 1984 and started running at 6.45am back then !

    A long time running at stupid o clockimageimage

  • Yes im out at least two morns a week 4.30 i like that early morning me time sometimes my legs feel like concrete for first mile does anyone else have this in early morn runs?

  • Another vote for the early morning run here.  Training for my last half marathon, was heading out the door about 5.10am through Jan-March (yikes!), in cold Scottish winter.  Race was March so didn't really have a choice other than just to get on with it.

    Not getting to run as often as I'd like at the minute, but early morning summer runs are great.  Our house is less than a mile from quiet country trails, so almost always see at least one deer and several surprised bunnies.  Hard to beat having that time to yourself when it's so quiet and peaceful.

    Great way to start the day, and only way for me to get a run as when I get home after work there's mini me's to play with, so no chance of any exercise then.

  • Usually go 3 times during the week at around 6.30 am.  For 3 miles, then longer ish one on the weekend.

     Cant go in the mornings at the moment.  Having an op in Sept.  Very tired so sleeping in most days.  I still go on an evening, shorter distance and no long run at weekends.  Do about 10 miles a week now. 

    Upsetting me really that ive been so tired, as i love running in the mornings, even icy dark mornings, sparkling frost on the ground. 

    Im going to do a 10k the week before i go in hospital.  Il be slow but i love running so much....its my best friend xxx

  • Ok tomorrow I'm going to head for my longest stupid o'clock run yet. 10 miles. Out by no later than 5:15

    I'm going to love it.

    I'm regretting to have missed most of the summer mornings for being too disorganised. Getting back to the routine now.

  • Hey Christie

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for your plea for motivation. I logged on just now in order to find some motivation for my own early-morning run tomorrow!!!

    Whilst I don't quite get how forums work (is it just me or are they quite user-unfriendly?) I am finding them increasingly useful as I attempt to build a new, healthier relationship with running. My new agenda "agenda for change", if you will ;-> is about running because I want to, not because I'm scared that if I don't I will  get fat, out of shape and no one will love me any more.

    However, I guess I've not quite managed it yet because I've also put my name down for a half marathon in September. I do not know if my 3 times a week schedule will get me to the right level of fitness to compete, but I'm using Smart Coach and being realistic. And, at the end of the day Smart Coach says I need to do a run tomorrow morning. Only three miles with a fartlek section. I am well slept, well fed and in the best frame of mind to do it. The only thing that will get between me and the sense of achievement tomorrow is exactly that thought: "is there anyone else in the WORLD getting up earlier than necessary to get hot, sweaty and tired before the day even starts?"

    So, if anyone else is running tomorrow morning then I look forward to sharing the experience. In the meantime I will click forward to the end of the thread and see if five other people have already told their identical story!! image

    With thanks to you all!


  • Cracking stupid oc lock run today. An explosion of colours as the sun rose over hills.

    I love these kind of stupid o clock mornings.

  • Lovely sunrise agin, but I also ran through 5 mins of a rain shower. It didn't look as if it was raining anywhere else...

    Now that is unusual.

    Or i was still half asleep.

  • Monday morning 5am run as usual today and enjoyed it.
  • Anotehr morning run for me. The mornings are getting a wee bit darker already !
  • Up  at 5am for a run.. and i love it! I have noticed it seems to be a bit darker in the mornings now.
  • It's been raining most the night so when I got up at 03:45 imagine my joy to find out it had stopped, so onwards with my half hour prep and warm up........ stepped out the door and guess what ......started pouring down again.

    I don't mind getting wet when I am running, but to start off wet isn't very motivating, so plan B is coming into action as I will be travelling back from work this evening I will be going through Cannock Chase, a perfect opportunity to up to 8 miles of trail running and break in my shiny new Inov8 Talons.

    Unless of course it's still raining !!!!

  • DerekB: No luck, been there ! Dry and windless up here, but that's no consolation. Managed a Fartlek session and shattered. (We've visitors later, so run would be 10pmish if not done early.)
  • Despite all my efforts, been unable to run for 3 days in a row now!!!

    I'm just so shattered that I change my alarm clock without remembering to do it. And this morning I was a little bit more awake and it was pouring it down so  again fell back asleep.

    I feel so sluggish. So unfit, I hate it!!! I'm going to have to go tonight. Won't be as enjoyable but better than nothing.

  • Don't be too disheartened TurboElli.  I seem to hit a rhythm that every few weeks, the knack of getting out early totally deserts me.  Sometimes, I don't even manage to get out after work.  The main thing is to think it's just one of those weeks & you'll soon be out & about before the Milkmen.  Promise image

  • TurboElli: Just stick at it.
  • THANK YOU GUYS!!! Makes me feel tiny bit better!


  • 5.30 yesterday and 6.00am todayimage 

    I have been running early mornings now for the last two years and its great with the quiet roads and being practically on my own for most of my runs. Well in the last couple of weeks its all changed there seems to be more and more early morning runners around.

    Who bloody told them eh, spoiling my peaceful runs now I have to nod and say morning every half mile.image

    was it you guys spreading the word about how fantastic early runs are, telling people they would feel good all day. image

    I expect i'll be back on my own in the winter image I'll miss them then

  • I enjoy teh soltitude of my mornng runs, I always have !

    This morning I passed a field which had 2 horses galloping about at some speed in it. Their hooves sounded really loud off the solid dirt track that runs through it

  • Birkmyre, if this was a facebook I'd click "Like"

    It's fantastic isn't it!

  • Just back from my run this morning, lovely & sunny with a slight mist rising of the lakes only saw one other runner today image
  • Well I managed to run a tempo session of 5 miles plus 2 mile warm up/down yesterday on the 'Chase' at around 17:00 yesterday, and up at the usually time of 03:45........out the door at 04:30 after warm ups with a nice leisurely 6.5 mile easy paced run.

    Started off in the dark and got back 55 mins later and it was light.

    P.S. Bit like my avatar.........note to myself, must get that sorted. 

  • Question for you lot who are out by 4 or 4:30 am.... What time do you go to bed??????
  • Hiya early morning folk!

    Have found this early morning thread really good motivation to get out early doors, as someone who has generally been an evening runner in the past, esp as my main reason for running now is to fit in exercise with walking the dog (Border Collie - she always wins LOL)!

  • I'm usually in bed by 10:30.
  • I'm usually tucked up by 11:30 but I'm not in the same league as the 4am gang!! I tend to go out between 6 and 6:30. The one exception being on mid-summer's day when I was out by 4:30.
  • Body  never 'wakened up' thi s morning on my run. Legs felt very heavy. A plod. Oh well...
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