Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Bikram yoga, Epsom Salts bath and a 3 mile walk yesterday left me feeling more human so I was able to get out for a run this morning. I decided to run on how I felt, and once I got into my stride I found that I was actually feeling good enough to churn out 7 miles in 1:07:33. I was a bit snotty and it took a little time for my lungs to loosen up but I should be fine for next weekend. image

  • morning

    I had to force myself out this morning, but then had a lovely 9 mile very slow run/walk in the beautiful sunshine image

    reckon I can get round the Nottingham half next week - won't be a pb though image

  • I'm thinking the same about Ealing, but you never know. I'll give it a try. Otherwise, there's always the one after - the River Thames half in October which is supposedly flat.

  • well, given that I am never bothered about a pb anyway.....

    one day I will push myself and get one though image

  • Up at 6, wash, change, breakfast, dog in car to go to fantastic wooded area 10 miles from home (no I'm not running there...). Running at 6.50am. Dog runs 50% further than me. I'm on a 2 hour LSD (10-11 miles). See a few people and dogs, generally quiet, but beautiful run in the sunlight. Stretch, back home at 9.30am just as the rest of the family are having breakfast. I get a shower and then make dog breakfast before I have my 2nd breakfast. Then keep moving as part of the recovery. (If I sit for an hour, past experience tells me I stiffen up). Dog knackered.

  • evening

    welcome fez

    rest day for me today - apart from all the chasing around at work image


  • Felt worse today but did my usual Monday spin class. Felt a bit better, then went to yoga. Struggled through it. Rested during the afternoon.

  • cal - just rest till you are fully better

    great run this morning and a short turbo this evening

    NW - loads of owls, a fox and a hedgehog

  • Yup, I just did yoga today. Felt better after. If I had any notions about about possible run, they were quickly quashed by the rain. I don't mind a bit of rain, but it was pissing it down. I wasn't going out in that with a cold.

  • welcome to the nut house Fez!

    Beautiful out there today image

    Glad you are recovering Cal, albeit slowly.

  • evening

    amazing sky this morning, could see loads of constellations really clearly, even from in town with all the street lights - slow 4 mile easy run and then a 2 mile swim this evening while the kids were at band practice


  • Up at 5.50am, swim at 6.30am, massage on the calves at 1.45pm, run .... forgot that bit.... tomorrow. Calves need to recover and I've a washing machine to take to the dump!

    Cal - hope things are OK. Don't give it to me as it always gives me 'man flu' and my wife says I'm a pain in the a.... when I have a cold !

  • Great start to the day... F1 qualifying followed by a run.  Had to laugh that my son (who is in the US) is up in the middle of the night watching something going on in Japan and texting me in the UK.  A global family!

    5 miles done in the late summer sunshine.  Lovely jubbly.

    How are the sickies doing?

  • beautiful day today

    however, I think I have ITBS, walking is painful and I was supposed to be doing the Nottingham half tomorrow. Think I will have to stay in bed instead

  • Oh that's not good. I am still not well but my pupils are expecting to see me tomorrow so I'm going to run anyway. If I don't report back, it's because I've died.

  • cal - good luck, just take it slowly and accept that it will be a slow time for you. Don't die!

  • I didn't. I actually knocked two minutes off my HM PB. Unofficial (Garmin) time is 2:02:35. Given how sick I've been, that's pretty awesome. I now know the sub-2 is possible. I'm a whole 10 minutes faster than I was in March.

    The race was excellent - I definitely recommend it. I've put a longer, more rambling post up in the My Last Run thread.

    How about you - did you pass on Nottingham?

  • wow, well done Cal!

    yeah, I have been sulking all weekend but I would be stupid to risk making it worse. I have been out on my bike and that hasn't irritated it at all so at least cycling/turbo is on. I might try a little run tomorrow to see what it is like running. I did enjoy my off road bike ride through fallen leaves in the sunshine though. 

  • I'd definitely get a sports massage or something. I've had trouble with my ITB/TFL but it's never lasted all that long - massage and physio has always sorted it out.

    Glad you found something else to do, at any rate.

  • my problem is finding time to get a massage or go to the physio. I am pretty sure my glutes and hips are the weak part of the chain so I will set about working on them!

  • Same (the weak bits, that is). I'm sulking a bit as my masseur has put his back out so I won't be getting a post-race massage tomorrow. Can't be helped, though.

  • Well done Cal.

    Sub 2 hours is definately on. Just get proper well like !

    Today up at 5.30, watched the start of the GP. Met the daughter on the landing who was going to ride the horse before dawn and see the sun rise ! (At 20 I didn't think she knew that time of the day!).

    Drove to the woods and as I got there saw this bloke running hell for leather up the road being (what seemed like) chased by another bloke.

    Parked up then realized left my shoes at home !!

    Went away from the woods and met a police car coming up the road ... All at 6.30am

    7.00am out running, LSD at 136bp av although heart rate very erratic.

    Back at 9am just as the wife got up!

    By 11am I had had 3 breakfasts.... Was I hungry or what !

  • blimey fez that is an eventful morning!

  • Indeed! I'm not surprised you were hungry after all that!

  • evening

    didn't manage to get up early this morning but got a short run in this evening off road before it got dark - which is now far too early for my liking!

  • Yeah, I'm not digging this shorter days.

    A very short weights session followed by spin, then yoga. And a walk in the afternoon to ensure my legs don't seize up. They're a tad sore, unsurprisingly.

  • turbo this morning, was hoping for some time to get out this evening, but with a meeting after work and loads to do at home there just wasn't time to get out in the sunshine

  • Morning all, foggy here. Ive been a bit quiet this week, too busy and bad back being the why.  Still got out for a few miles so not all bad. Fez, a bit of barefoot running in the woods didn't appeal?  Maths, we were at Nottingham half supporting someone. I didn't think to ask if anyone else would be there. I was staggered at how big that event is. 

    The sun will be out soon. Have a good weekend everyone. 

  • morning

    PSC - shame I didn't know you were up around Nottingham! I was a bit upset at a DNS but better than causing myself damage.

    spinning and swimming for me this morning


  • I can relate to that, having pulled out of Wimbledon Common half last autumn - that would have been my first half since 2011. As it was, I had to wait until this March. And now, I have to say, I've had a very good year of running.

    A very crisp (jacket weather) and clear morning run for me. First since Ealing last weekend. I set off rather briskly as it was chilly and ended up doing 5.68 miles in 54:05. I was a bit pushed for time this morning due to yoga at 10am so I'm opting to do a longer run on Tuesday.

    No interesting wildlife although there were a couple of Poles having a beer and smoking a joint. Breakfast of champions?

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