Heart rate increase

My heart rate seems to be on the increase - my RHR has averaged around 54bpm for at least a few years now but I've noticed over the last couple of months it doesn't seem to drop below 58. Comparing runs before and after it seems to have increased by around 7-10bpm depending on the length/intensity of the run. In this time I've had a couple of brief illnesses but nothing much so I'm not sure why it's happened or how to deal with it. I have been training or a race (tomorrow!!!) but I don't think it has been excessive or unusual and I have been taking easier weeks.

I'd be grateful for any words of wisdom. Cheers!


  • Usually a bit higher RHR would indictae either you've had an illness recently, or you have been overtraining a bit. (Or I suppose if one has a long break it can mean getting less fit, with adaptations like stroke volume going back to normal folks' level). I've you've jst done a race, you'll be resting for a bit so it'll be a good time to see if you've been overtraining.
  • Thanks SteveC - I've definitely got a virus of some sort - I had a very short run on the day I first posted and I was knackered all day - this has been the routine over the last couple of weeks. Had to miss the race as I couldn't have fought my way out of a paper bag yesterday. So I'm going to rest up until this goes and then re-assess. RHR yesterday was more normal around 48 so hopefully once this illness is gone things should be okay.

  • OK good luck, it sounds like you're on the mend.
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