I'm becoming obsessed with this running lark and feel terribly guilty when I don't run! I haven't run for 3 days and have eaten mountains of ice-cream and chocolate. Have I undone all the hard work of the last few weeks, when I have run every other night and eaten a reasonable diet?
I will run tonight (just a short run!), but feel incredibly blobby and sluggish. Does anyone else ever feel like this?


  • all the time

    Which defeats the point of running really

    Were meant to be enjoying it
  • Yes and a few days "off the rails" will not have undone all the good stuff. don't punish yourself
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Fortunately my love of running and chocolate balance out nicely. The local Costcutter are selling that Nestles Double Cream stuff for half price. My fridge is full of it!

    You don't lose fitness in three days but a touch of gluttony will inevitably up the reading on the bathroom scales.
  • i often set a PB round some of my routes just after a lay off... ah the power of a fresh take it easy attitude & fresh legs!
  • You can rest for up to a week without losing any fitness and probably have fresher legs by the end of it.

    Of course as you've said, if you're not running, an obsessive personality turns to chocolate, curries, beer etc.

    I need far more discipline not to drink alcohol than I do to do a 20 mile run!
  • Guilt. I could write a thesis on it. At least you know your'e not alone Daisy..if I go a few days without running I feel really wound up, guilty and sluggish and I then don't eat much.. which then makes me feel more tired on my next run. Sensible??
  • Hey, I'm doing my first marathon in 2 weeks and I havent run for 9 days and I'm not concerned one little bit.

    (Oh My God!!!! I've got a marathon in 2 weeks and I havent run for 9 days!!!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Is this a broadly based hard/easy routine then Chimp?

    Good luck to you, which one are you doing?
  • Daisy Dee...... Even blubberous people have off days in the ice crean tub.... its natural.... you run therfore you are allowed. Dont be guilty. Be smub.
  • I find its on the days off that I lose
    the most weight, even if I have been a bit
  • Chimpie
    youll be fine
  • Cheers Wardi/hippo.

    Tis Blackpool. I've done a few 20 milers so I'm hoping with a few shorter runs this week, I'll pick it up again.
  • I don't feel guilty, honestly. No, honest, I am NOT feeling guilty that I haven't been out running since thursday...
  • Smub.

    That is what I shall be.

  • Don't feel're just human.

    The fact you are feeling guilty may suggest that what you really want to do is go for a run.

    Get out there and enjoy.
  • Guilt is part of the human condition.

    I had a few weeks when my running was going really well, I was really motivated, enjoying it, being smug (smub?) and all that. Then I stopped. Why? Don't know. I've only done two half hearted runs each week for the past two weeks. Hoping to pick up the thread again today. The guilt is overwhelming and I end up feeling like I should rebel against it. Very childish.

    Sorry, that's no help at all, is it?
  • Suffer from guilt? Me?.....All the b***** time! Even when I go swimming instead of running, I feel guilty that I'm not running! I always have blobby weeks when I don't do any exercise and eat too much.

    Trouble is, we're only human and we can't do everything. I find holding down a full-time job, organising the household chores, having time for my marriage and extended family, ensuring the cats are well cared for and finishing a part-time PhD is all quite enough on its own, without then adding the pressure of having to keep fit and run.

    Running is supposed to help with stress, but I do have times when it just adds to the burden and I have to stop. That's when the guilt really sets in though.
  • I havent run properly for about 2 weeks and theres nothing i can do about it because my ankle wont let me, its hell.

    Ive been ok so far not turning to the chocolate but thats because i thought it would only be a week, dont know how much longer i will be able to keep it up.

    I have found that the satisfaction of feeling good/fit/inshape is a good replacement for the satisfaction of eating chocolate cakes etc. but when theres nothing to do to make you feel fit (nothing you enjoy as much as running anyway) what do you do then??
  • Ok Juliejoo smarty-pants ...I meant 'smug' sorry the typing wasnt very good. I'd cycled 21 miles to the airport to do Leiden Marathon the same day and had lots of red wine on my return journey and in the house afterwards.
  • ¦oD I'm sorry EEyin! Couldn't resist, and I think 'smub' is a very nice word. And it's 'bums' backwards! Heh. :o)
  • Thanks guys for the comments. I feel better already! I did in fact go for a short run (3 miles) after posting the original thread. I felt great. My legs felt fresh, I was chilled and I truly believed that all the Ben and Jerry's ice cream I had eaten at the weekend was just a figment of my imagination!
    Anyway, I'm now fired up for the 'long run' at the club tonight. Bring out the cream cakes!
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