Photos on the run

Some pictures of the Surrey countryside taken at 5am as the sun was rising.


  • Brilliant photos, brilliant idea for a thread.
  • Ahhh they're lovely, the mist on the field is very pretty.image
  • Beautiful.
    Makes you grateful for the simple things dunnit.
  • Great thread.
  • Funny, I ran early morning last week and there were thousands of tiny rabbits playing in the woods where I was running - if only I'd had my camera.

    Will make an effort next time so we can keep this thread going image
  • I've started taking photos on my runs as well but I only have a crap iPhone camera so they dont look that great image

    Those photos are amazing! How the hell do you train for MDS? I've always wanted to do it!

  • Beautiful Photos!

    Agree with above, tell us more about MDS. My biggest fear would be getting lost, as I imagine I would be at the back. Massive incentive to keep going though!
  • Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!!
    Love the MDS ones aswell, looks like a unique insight!
    How did you do in the MDS itself?
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Very nice.  The first set of pics almost makes me want to do my runs very early in the morning.  Almost.  image

    I don't often take a camera on a run, unless I'm on holiday.  4.5 miles continuous uphill run from my hotel the other week gets you a nice view over Sorrento and the Bay of Naples:

  • The MDS was the toughest thing I've ever done but an amazing experience.Unfortunately I was so badly dehydrated by day 4 that I had to have an IV drip to restore my fluid levels. It took eight bags of saline solution to get me back to normal levels by which time I'd missed the cut-off and had to pull out of the race - that's why there are no photos of me at the finish line!! But I'm planning to go back in 2012 to finish the unfinished business!

    Nice pictures of Sorrento. We were there a few years ago. Did you visit Pompeii? What an incredible place - just like stepping back in time.
  • Great pictures CO, thanks for sharing.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Chris - Pompei was the one place we didn't go to.  Walked up Vesuvius, visited Capri, Positano... and had a fantastic run back to Sorrento from the Amalfi coast.  Stunning.  Good luck with MDS!
  • the early morning photos are inspirational
  • Right, that's me packing my camera on my next LSR. 

     Not sure they'll compare to the great ones already posted, but I've always thought I should take my camera to record the changing seasons, if nothing else.image

  • Nice1 chris.

    I took a camera out on a early run for the first time this weekend... Bosherton in West Wales, i was very lucky with the scenary....

  • Nice, but don't you mean Bosherston?
  • Fantastic pics all!

  • Saw these guys while out running this evening!


  • yeah sorry... Bosherston image

    Def gonna take a camera out more now though.

  • Here's some video of my running mate enjoying himself.....
  • Chris Oco wrote (see)
    Some pictures of the Surrey countryside taken at 5am as the sun was rising.

    Lovely shots!!  Really really nice.  What do you take with you as a camera?  I have a digi SLR but er... you really wouldn't want to run with it!!!  image

    Love your dog.  What is he?  Springer Spaniel? image

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭
    Great pics, I never really take a camera but I might consider it, although I never like to stop mid run but with pics like those it looks to be worth it. Great looking pooch too. I did soem early morning runs in Cyprus a few weeks back but i'd need a water proof case for the camera due to the sweat! even at 6.30am it was very humid.
  • I use a Canon Ixus 130 which is very light and compact so I hardly notice I'm carrying it - and the weight of the camera in one hand is balanced out by the water bottle (for the dog) that I carry in the other!!
  • Lovely results even in challenging light conditions.  Nice job. image
  • I just found this thread - worth a bounce I think, as later runners will now be getting the benefits of the sunrise...

  • ooh ooh here are some I took acouple of week s ago

    5.45am ish

    Early morning sunrise

    not quite as good as chris

  • Ooh, I love pictures of the great outdoors at times and places most people never get to see. I've been taking piccies since 2006 on the running events and captured some amazing views at home and abroad. My Panasonic Lumix has given amazing service but it's just about given up now after sweat & rain contamination over the years and being dropped a few times. I'm going to treat myself to a more up-to-date version very soon.

  • I wish my morning run could be along a beach like yours Superglue...

    Milton Keynes (although nice in places) isn't that picturesque!!

  • Lovely pics.

    I take it these are interval sessions though, because otherwise that's a lot of rests in a training runimage

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