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Hi everyone,

I'm Jim. a 52 old wrinkly who want s to get back into running after about 18 months of doing virtually nothing.

We relocated to Leiceestershire, and I think Hinkly is probably the nearest town with a running club, but welcome any advice or training partners who are interested.



  • Jim,

    Have a squiz at as they have a list of people who are also looking for training partners. There may be somebody in your area.

    Good luck
  • Hi Jim,

    Hinckley does have a running club. Not certain how many members they have, but they are the largest in the immediate area.

    I myself run with Desford Striders. We are a smallish, but friendly, club of approx. 55 members and have runners of all abilites.

    we've just got a website online, you can find it here: Desford Striders

    Our club night is Thursday and we meet at Sport in Desford (opposite the Caterpillar site) at 18.45.

    Good luck in finding somebody to run with.
  • Hiya Jim and welcome. Might be worth posting in the Training section. There will be lots of peeps to give advice if needed.
  • Welcome Jim

    Thats all for now

  • Hi Jim.
    You're in good company. There's lots of us wrinklies (coffin dodger in my case) around. You'll soon get to recognise us.
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