RW Event Entry problem

I've been trying to enter an event using the RW online entry system (which I've used before with no problems), but I keep getting an error message telling me that the site's security certificate has expired.

I'm reluctant to proceed on this basis.  Anyone else having the same issue?


  • Have just tried to enter race and found a security problem also so having to download entry form and hope snail mail gets it there in time !
  • Hi,

    Don't worry - i've just tried to book myself in to the Hooky 6 and got the same message. I would advise not to go through with the credit transaction until the problem has been solved. A hacker might have got into their site - triggering the security warning. To be 100% safe i never ignore things like this. RW will fix the problem soon i'm sure. We are all in the same boat as it were, so it's always a relief to know it's not just a problem with just me or you, etc  image


  • Ok, just booked Hooky 6 with no problems, everything is now back to normal image
  • Fab.  Now booked Cricklade Half.  image 
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