• Well I like it.
  • does it taste anything like normal coke?
  • Yes but with vanilla aftertaste.
  • Yes, no huge difference, as Monique says just the aftertaste.
  • I love it. It reminds me of cream soda and or ice cream without the calories(DIET version)
  • No - thought it was awful. Tastes like crappy imitation cola with too much sweetener.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't even think of trying it. Why drink fizzy chemical crap when you can have fruit juice or sparkling mineral water?
  • Got a freebie can of the diet version post Mcr 10k the other week. Not bad but wouldn't go out my way to buy it.
  • Kids buy it and like it (so do I) - like cream soda mixed with coke. I think they're trying to get in on the Dr Pepper mkt.
  • prefer the +lemon,too much vanilla ,rather cloying,not too awful but needs refining.also only drink diet versions,so full monty might be different.tried once won't persist.
  • Thought it was nice, the diet version. A bit sickly after a while though.
  • What about vanilla flavoured monster munch crisps......I'm defo not going there!
  • i like the vanilla coke - does taste a bit like cream soda
  • I really want to try the mMonster Munch. I used to like the chocolate covered pretzels, but apparently nobody else did so you can't get them any more.
  • i'm sure the new york deli in (obviously) cardiff does the choc covered pretzels, and i'm sure there's a website for random sweets too..... hang on....
  • Wow, Moosey, I'm touched.

    There goes the diet!!!
  • no it doesn't, they're sold out Waapster!
  • I have tried Vanilla flavoured Monster Munch, so has my kids and all their friends, nobody could eat even one, they are AWFUL, they all spit them out.....dont even go there.

    Vanilla Coke, very nice, kids love it.......
  • You need to try it. Tends to be one of those love it or hate it type things. If you have ever had Coke with Ice cream in it then it is similar.

    What about Lipton Ice Tea ?

    They sponsor a run I am doing in a couple of weeks at Colworth in Bedfordshire and it is the finishing drink - Pretty awful to my taste - would rather have Vanilla coke !
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