Stockholm half-marathon 2010

Anyone doing the Stockholm half-marathon on 11 Sept (2010)? there are still some entry places but I think it is filling up faster than last year. I ran the marathon there in 2005 and I can recommend the city for a visit, so long as you are ready for the prices. Being on a Saturday you can celebrate after, and still have some of Sunday to look round. See


  • This will be my 4th time running this race and have set it as my target race for the year. Part of the course you will recongnise from the marathon course (waterside part towards the main bridge) and generally a good course all the way around. The seeded start with 5 min gap between each of the 6 groups help to spread out the runners but be prepared  for the bottleneck behind the station after about 1 or 2kms. They have allowed more entries this year i think it is about 12500 but 8000 have been taken so far so it is filling up fast like you say. 82 days to go now hopws the training going?

  • Thanks for the info. Well, as regards training I mostly keep in form for marathons this year but it fits between Oslo mara on 26th Sept and Stavanger mara /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.giftavanger-marathon-2010&catid=28/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif on 21st Aug. I have a friend in Vesterås which is a short commuter train-ride in. If I run with him we will probably aim at 1:45. If on my own/other group I might aim a bit under 1:43 but not so much it knackers me too much for Oslo, which is my main goal. I expect you are thinking about a programme too. I didn't subscribe to the race's offer of a training programme.
  • I didnt bother with the races training programme either, my inbox gets filled up quickly enough as it is without getting an email from them each day as well. Just sticking with my own training and seeing where that gets me. Managed a new pb of 1.34.28 last may in another half in stockholm and am hoping to come in around 1.28 but will have to see. Holiday time is coming up soon, have to love the swedes and there 4 weeks summer hols, but its usually when my training falls apart. I can get the miles in when i have a busy work schedule but as soon as I get some time off it seems to fall apart.

     Oslo looks intersting I was starting to think about doing the stockholm marathon next year but the size of the oslo race makes it appealing, will be interested to hear your views once you have run it.

  • OK I will post something about Oslo when it comes. I have done the half there before and it is small enough that you can improvise everything on the day as regards trains, storage of kit, etc. It's within walking distance of the central station.

    I'm exactly the same with the large block of summer hols here in Norway too, re fitness going to hell. I have 5 weeks booked, many of which will be walking the 2nd half of the south west coast path in UK. Average about 14 km/day, 400 to 450 km total.  I discovered last yr that this doesn't keep me fit for running, so hope to squeeze in some maintenance runs while doing that, i.e. to keep me near the current level of marathon fitnes. For the half judging by current times I might get down to about 1:35 but that's about it.This is what I worked out for maintenance based on current mileage, RW and other websites:

    Maintenance training per week

    •  LSR12 miles
    • Tempo 4 miles and 2 M wu, 2 M cd
    • 2 x slow 5 miles
    That comes to 42 km per week on top of walking - it sounds a lot but if I do some or all especially of the first two then I will make it through the Scandinavian summer image
  • Ciao !

    my wife , a friend of mine and me are going to attend the race . Do you know in which times are the 6 groups ?

  • Perhaps FakeSwede knows; as far as I can see the only thing they say is that recently they announced there will be an extra group because of record demand.
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