Chip time wrong???

Hi there,

Just did on Sunday a 10K race, Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10K.and yes it was fantastic. Great flat course.

I times my Garmin for the exact start when I crossed the foot pads and hit START, dd the same on finishand Garmin said 48.06.FANTASTIC I thought I had smashed my PB by nearly 2 mins!


My sport systems chip time was 47:52................No way man! Well Yes I am so happy and amazed but how can I loose what appears to be nearly 14 seconds???????

Even the gun time was 48.02 which from the time the gun went and I crossed the finish line was4 seconds out of sync but OK I could accept this as it could take me a few seconds to pass over the start line but the chip time was 47:52 and the Garmin was for certain 48:06.........could my add seconds on with a glitch? or has any og you guys founds out that your chip time could be wrong?

I am wanting to accept my amazing new time and so happy but want to make sure for myself.

All the best my learned runers


  • May be someone else had your chip.  This happened to several runners in the Plymouth Half Marathon this year.
  • I had the same problem in Berlin in 2008 and now some guy called Gebresellasie has been credited with my world record.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Marty Boy...I've been stitched up in losing at least 7 seconds...possibly 14 seconds from a half marathon at Wokingham this year, when the goons said a late runner set the gun time off early which is absolute bullsh1t. This was despite seeing the exact time the clock read as I passed the line!

    Therefore, I'd say enjoy your fortune of coming out well from it!

    You won't always be so lucky!

     My most annoying moment was years back at the Mortimer 10k, I was convinced I'd just beaten 40mins only to come out as 40:01 grrr.

    It's getting essential no bungles take place now especially on my 5k as I've trimmed 1 second 2 races space for error!!   I'm on if i think I've got 17:20 next time out and haven't I'll be annoyed!image

  • Have you checked the settings on your Garmin to make sure none of the auto stops are activated?

    I have also seen a number of different gliches in mine over the last few years so I can well believe a difference between a your time and a clock time.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    A few of my club mates had discrepancies at Richmond 10k, so you're not alone. Although how it could happen is another question.
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