Running whilst travelling through Europe

After a break from running I have been regularly running 5+ k for several weeks every other day and Im keen to keep up my routine BUT at the end of July/beg of Aug I am going to be driving a support van for a group of charity cyclists who are riding approx 100miles a day from London's Trafalgar Square to the Vatican Square and am wondering how I'm going to fit in my runs...

Does anyone have any top tips about
(i) running safely as a female in another country (The other support driver -my boyf isn't a runner and doesn't want to be!)
(ii) Hygiene -we are camping to keep costs low.
(iii) Running "blind" in new places where I don't know any routes
(iii) Is there any running etiquettes I should know about running in France/Germany/Austria/Switzerland

I guess the most sensible thing to do is to stick to the footpaths alongside the main roads and run during daylight in my florescent yellow running top, but I would appreciate anyones advice or just be interested to hear other peoples stories...

Thanks Nicki


  • Last time I looked - Europeans ran too ?

    Why not run after you check into your campsite - run round the campsite or short laps of the route that you've driven in on ? Or do the same but in the morning before you set off ? Campsites have showers ?

  • Yes, we run in Europe - and I often run alone. I have been running in Italy, Germany and Denmark no problem. I think the same rules abide as for anywhere. Don't listen to music when running alone and keep to well used tracks. Let someone know when you are leaving and expect to return. I don't see that safety is any larger issue through Europe than it would be in the UK.

    I hope it goes really well. Good luck.

  • Absolutely! I'm female too,ha've lived in Germany for 30 years now and have never even experienced any heckling. Same in Austria, Switzerland and France.
  • "Europe" is no less safer than here.

    If you were running somewhere like Egypt, Jordan, Syria etc etc, then you might want to worry (as a lone female, I've run in Egypt, and apart from a few odd looks, and local kids tagging along, its fine).

  • Apart from echo what everyone else said, I can only add that

    1. Getting lost: you can use a Garmin or similar device that helps you do an "out and back" if you are worried about getting lost - many show a breadcrumb trail or will give you a turn arrow to follow back to start
    2. Doing enough: if you are concerned when it will all fit in and you want to maintain your current fitness, I'd say cut your current mileage in about 5/8 or 1/2 and then within that framework do 1 long run, 1 tempo and 2 easy.
  • Why not get your boyfriend to drop you off a few miles short of the cyclist's finish for each day. That way you can all arrive at the finish hot and sweaty together!

    I'm sure you'll be no more in need of a shower than the cyclists, who presumably will also need o wash their kit every once in a while.

    You've still got a  few weeks to build the training up - perhaps you could just run along with the cyclists all the way!

  • gosh -so many replies!! thanks guys for all your suggestions, was a bit worried/curious about it all but this is a great tool for getting others to help figure stuff stuff that isnt immediately obvious for my little brain to figure out all on its ownsome image

    Thanks -its all much appreciated x
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