Running routes in China.

I am just about to head into China for four weeks and will be visiting the cities of Xi'an, Shanghai and Beijing.

 This is probably a long shot but does anyone know of any decent running routes or running locations in or around these cities? I need to find some otherwise there is no way I am going to be able to keep my training up whilst away! 



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  • there is some great wall there that i keep reading about people running along.
  • Yeah i was thinking about that but i dont want to get attacked by Mongals...

    Apparantly Xi'an has a old city wall that is still intact so might run that.
  • I've got a running map for Shanghai, kindly provided by one of the hotels I stayed in. It takes you around one of the biggest parks in Shanghai. I'll send it  to you.

    But a word of warning, the standard of driving in China is like nothing you will have ever witnessed before, it defies belief. So be careful. I have given up trying to run outside in Shanghai for fear of my life and make do with the hotel gyms.

  • The Summer Palace, near Beijing, would be an amazing place to run.

    I wouldn't run in or near Xi'an - the air pollution is appalling (or was when I was there!)

  • stop showing off!!!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    I met some Canadians over Xmas who lived in Beijing - as per what DJ says, the air pollution in summer is appalling and not conducive to running or biking. plus it can get 40C+ and very humid so not nice to run in anyway. they used air-conned gyms instead rather than risk lung damage.
  • Thanks for the advice guys.

    The air pollution is pretty bad here but not as bad as when I was in Vietnam! There is just lots of construction going on so there is dust everywhere.

    That map of Shanghai would be awesome Fruit Cake.I cant seem to access my messages without the site crashing though so could you upload it somewhere and send me a link?? Owe you one!



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