Brinsworth 10K

Is this a new one? Anyone any idea about the likely course, etc. Might do it.


  • Yes this was a new one.  Did you run it yesterday?

  • No did a long run instead. Any good?
  • I enjoyed it. My first competitive run and I'm sure I could have picked an easier one.

    Will do it again if held next year.

  • Yes, it was good,  I enjoyed it too.  You're right it wasn' t the easiest course - quite undulating!  I thought it was really well organised, especially considering it's the first one they've done.  Enough water stations, well marshalled and friendly atmosphere - good mix of elites, club runners and novices. 

     Overall, a really good event!!

  • Please can you tell me where I can find the results for this race?


  • My lad played in the football tournament at the same Gala, was gutted to see there was a 10k - didn't know about it till I got there - as I'd have loved to have run it while the footy was being set up... looked a good fun race.

    One for next year hopefully.

  • I was also wondering where the results would be posted (not that I was ever in danger of winning)
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Here you go Results
  • Race day entries from 8.30am at the community centre at the bottom of field it will be well sign posted. toilets and baggage storage also here. look forward to seeing you all.
  • Really enjoyed this race yesterday and I think I may have recorded my PBimage, just waiting on the results to confirm though.

    I gather the start was different this year, which meant an uphill start but not the congestion I've heard runners describing with regard previous years; I assume the previous start took you through the gate you went through right at the end (where it wasn't an issue)?

    That last hill was a killer mind, especially seeing all the faster runners going up it as I was going down parallel and knowing what was to come!  Good stuff.

  • Thanks James for your kind comments. The uphill start was to avoid the bottle neck through the railings at the bottom of the field as in the first 2 years. But the uphill start was quite a tester for everyone. I think the event was another huge success and even though the gala had been cancelled at the last minute  I felt there were still a good atmosphere on the field at the finish. Hope you will be there next year, cheers,

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