The end of the road/trail/run?

JezJez ✭✭✭
Just posted on the Health and Injury forum for possible advice.

Seems though that my brief running career may be at an end. The cause of injury problems over the last year seem to have been tracked to a couple of prolapsed discs. Am still seeing assorted medical type people but can't help thinking that the strain running puts on the body isn't exactly going to help.

So my days are numbered it seems. Obviously it won't stop me drinking at the URWFRC socials (unless I am barred if I can no longer run) - in fact it'll probably help as my alcohol tolerance will increase - no doubt as will my weight!


  • this might seem an obvious thing to say, but try amd make sure you seem some sports injury specialists before you make a decision..they may be able to recommend some specific stuff for core stability that might help and let you keep running
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    jez - don't give up hope. mrs fbf had her prolapsed disc removed 3 years ago and is fine and running better/further/quicker than before. took her about 12 months to recover - loner than thought but she wrecked her back muscles and ligaments by trying too much,too soon - but aftre that fine. she has residual back pain (who doesn't) but compared to what it was like before it's no problem.
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    am not giving up hope... yet. Still seeing consultant and physio(s), but having had surgery twice already for disc prolapses the prospect of further surgery does not fill me with joy, so the mind turns to thoughts of giving up the unequal struggle ...
  • A study in the current issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that of 31 elite athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games who presented to medical services with back pain, 58% had a prolapse of the lowest lumbar disc on MRI scan.

    Lots of people are walking around with disc degeneration and are completely unaware of it. The findings on imaging correlate very poorly with symptoms.

    On the other hand, running does put extra strain on the spine, especially if your technique or biomechanics aren't perfect.

    Jez, don't put your running shoes in the recycling bin yet. But if you do decide to stop running, you're the sort who will soon fill the vooid with something you'll enjoy just as much. Good luck!
  • Don't really know what to say, other than... Stay positive. As VRap says, it might not be the end!

    Loads and loads of luck...

  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    V'rap, interesting figures - I am definately in the group whose technique or biomechanics aren't perfect (and weighing nearly 90 kgs doesn't help either) so extra strain it is for me. Part of my worry is that the people treating me aren't used to dealing with sports nutters, so the treatment will be fine for 'Mr Couch Potato' but not great for someone who already spends hours and hours on stretching and core stability exercises (and being used as a climbing frame my two small boys each tiem I lie on the floor).
  • It's definitely important that you're treated by someone who knows how important running is to you, and who doesn't miss the agenda and come out with silly things like "rotate each ankle both ways 10 times an hour while you're watching television" when you're spending several hours a day on a wide range of serious activities aimed at getting you back on the road.
  • JEZ!!!!!!


    sorry..... Get a second opinion...maybe something can be done.. but you've got to stay fit whatever happens....

    and I dont see not running as a barring crime re socials..!!!! Always good to see you.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    since when has running ability been a prerequisite on here.

    Hard lines kidda & hope you get better news at the next tests.
  • Jez, really sorry to see this post. There have been a few like this recently.

    i wish i could offer advice, but I'd only repeat what's already been said. I hope you find a way through. Good luck.

  • Bad luck Jez. Don't know you but would like to wish you well for the future.
  • i have 3 disc prolapses
    i run, well plod(but thats nowt to do with the back)
    dont give up
    And find a decent physio
  • Ive been with a knackered back for years mate, once I got over the initial discomfort its ok.

    And did you know that while your discs actually generate more fluid round them which helps to protect them.
    Read that in a book so it must be true.......
  • Jez - don't give up hope, Mr. Ironwolf has had 2 slipped discs, and has bad knees - he was told about 15 years ago that he would have to quit running but since then he's done umpteen races, 2 Ironman triathlons, FLM, and about 10 triathlons per year.
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