Glastonbury 2010

Anyone going? image


  • I guess they are already there or on their way there PP image
  • i wish, i was there last year and it was a phenomonal experience, i think i found my calling as a hippie lol

    but most peeps will be journeying there today xx

  • Lots of people, the traffic jams are hideous
  • Hope they all travel today, I'm leaving tomorrow morning!  Can't wait, have my factor 30 packed but will also take the wellies so as not to tempt the sun god ... image
  • Will watch in the comfort of my home - I like proper toilets!
  • T in the Park in two weeks CANT WAIT!!!!! image
  • We camped in Glastonbury a few years ago, as a stop-off on the way to Cornwall.

    It was the first time I'd been, & on wandering the town-centre, & up the Tor, I was taken aback by the amount of people sitting on street-corners/wrapped in blankets on the Tor/playing guitars/etc....

    It wasn't until we were in St Ives that I realised we'd been there 2 days before the Festival opened

    (it was quite a few years ago, as it was the year that 'Four Non-Blondes' were in the charts with 'What's Going On' - I heard that track for the first time driving on the bridge over the River Tamar!!!

    Funny what little things stick in your mind!!)


    The coverage isn't the same anymore without John Peel being there, but I reckon Mark Radcliffe will do a decent job (he used to present for the BBC, alongside Peel)

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