Humber Bridge Half last few days

Hello Al

I ran the course on Monday night (21/6/10) with a fellow runner who has run the course a few times. This being my first half marathon I wanted to know how bad the slip road was and also heartbreak hill. I only started running outdoor in March and hadn't done much hill running. But I made it around the full course in 2hrs 30mins (had to stop and stretch a few times).

Should I run some more 1 or 2 miles before the event? At the moment I'm just strectching I have few aches in the legs and hips since Monday.

I'm now panicking I won't get round because of the niggles I have now, but have decided to walk and run up heartbreak hill (nearly creid when I saw it Monday eve)

I'm hoping there are going to be a few people out with hose pipes soaking runners down.

So if anyone can give me some advice whether I should do any jogging before the event please let me know.


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  • First of all, stop panicking. image  Most of us will remember how we felt on the run up to our first half marathon, or first race for that matter regardless of it's length.

    Personally I wouldn't have done the run with a week to go, but I can understand why you did, as you probably wanted to prove to yourself that you could do it.  You are probably aching because of the run last Sunday.  If I were you I would take it relatively easy until the race, maybe a gentle jog/ run or even swim just to keep your muscles supple.  Anything you do between now and Sunday won't make you any quicker, as you've done all the hard training already.

    Most important of all believe in yourself!  You've only had three months for your first Half Marathon and that is something to be really proud of, especially since you did it in 2 hour 30 mins on Sunday.  Just think what you can achieve with all that adrenaline and race supporters on the day image

    With regards to the hill, think equal effort not equal pace.  It also sometimes helps to break it down into chunks.  For example if there are 10 lamposts going up the hill, just focus on getting to each lamppost at a time, rather than the whole thing!

    Enjoy it and let us know how you get on, you'll be hooked image 

  • Hi Cheryl, You will benefit from a couple of light jogs. maye 20 mins or so....this helps with the legs ticking over.

    Good luck. you have proven you can complete the course. you will be fine on the day...Have plent of rest on Saturday.even a small 30 min afternoon nap will help ensured that your fully rested for the following day. Drink LOADS of water on friday and saturday too.

  • Ooh panicking - can I do the slapping bit and tell you to calm down ? Can I ?

     I'd probably not go for any runs now - odd to run the course the week before the race, prob not ideal, but ho hum - thats in the past.

    Rest and relax - of COURSE you will do  it cos you managed it with no crowd support and adrenaline. Take it nice and steady and dress for the heat (if it happens). Start near the back of the field - its always better psychologically to pass people rather than be passed.

     (and we dont DO jogging here !!!)

     Enjoy the race !

  • Very true, "Runners World"  not "Joggers World" image
  • I often go for a jog. A very low intensity outing. I am not snobby to be ashamed to call it that either. In fact I like it and find them enjoyable.
    Others are are also free to call it what they wish.
  •  I'm going for a leisurely swim tomorrow lunchtime, with a nice jucuzzi afterwards, that should loosen me up.

    All my runs are jogs compared to my hubby, who will be running the race with me but it means he will be at the end before me cheering me on!

    Jogs / Runs they are all the same atleast we are out and not stuck inside vegetating and growing oldimage

    Have even created my own muscle rub with all my aromatherapy oils!

  • The support around Barton was superb last year - really makes a difference on the day, and yes there was even a hose pipe or two!

    have a great race image

  • Hello All

    Just to left you know I completed the course 2 hours 26 mins, which I think is fab considering the heat it was 33 degrees. I walked up heartbreak hill though but I don't care.

    The support was FANTASTIC and the hospitality of all the people who live in the area I gather alot of them are not on water meters! HOSEPIPE galore and I took advantage of everyone of them.

    Water stations they just couldn't keep up but they did a tremendous job keeping us stocked up with fluids. Did see a couple of gents collapsed on floor wiht fluid drips and I hope they are OK and no one actually died.

    Did see a load of people bail out and start walking the other way but I thank my club (Tickhill) for the training of cross country running in the heat these last few weeks.

    Off to plan next event now!


  • Congratulations Cheryl....... well done
  • Fantastic image
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