Manchester Marathon

Is anyone doing this race...apart from me ?

I have not seen any advertising anywhere and wondered if people knew about it.



  • I'm there Dean, in fact I got my t-shirt on Saturday morning ! Yeh it's not hugely publicised, p'raps the organisers don't want too many people running it ? Might leave them a bit caught out if the fields too big. I think it pales by comparison with something like the Robin Hood 1/2m / Marathon, where I was this Sunday. They should go the whole hog and try to raise the profile so it becomes a 'major' city race.
  • I'm also running it and I see that "Fluffa" (see the thread on new kit on the general forum) is also running. I noticed that they had put a hugely missable and probably very expensive full page ad in RW but forgotten to send a free entry to the events guide - doh! Anyone done it before, know anything about the route?
  • Dean
    There has already been a thread on this - it's round about page 10 by now. There are a few useful hints about it from people who have run the race before, so have a look while it is still there. I'm not sure how long messages stay posted before they get deleted.
    I've got my tee shirt too, but am still waiting for the race pack.
  • Cheers....thanks.

    I will take a look now.

    I also have the T-shirt but no race pack yet.

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