Compression gear for triathlon

I'm really curious to know what people's experience (as opposed to marketing hype) is about compression clothing.

Which ones do people wear, and when? Just for recovery or training and racing? And just for running or biking as well?

I've had a couple of sessions recently when I've tried to go a little faster than I normally do and found that I'm stil quite achy-legged the next day, so I've tended not to train, which breaks a fundamental rule of training I know. Would compression clothing help? The hype seems to suggest it might, but I'm interested inthe collective experience?



  • Personally I think they do help,  both during and after training

    I dont tend to use them in the summer so much as its a tad on the warm side but def worth a go
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    I'm a fan too. I definitely noticed a positive difference in recovery after using them.

  • I think they help recovery ...................could never use them for training though as always wear shorts...........and I think I need the compression for my calves most
  • Know anywhere I can get any HC!? imageimage
  • Lots of people seem to like compression calves for racing in. It's a good thing triathletes have a healthy disprespect for fashion - compression socks, tri tops, arm warmers - very much at the avante garde end of sport looks!
  • Dont want to do HC out of any business but I have brought a few bits from an ebay company in Germany I think who is selling Linebreak stuff,  excellent service and about half price
    Cant remember the name now but it was linked on here last year sometime and quite a few brought from him ....
  • I was tempted to start a thread about this! I have been wondering about the difference as my calves have suffered recently during marathon training so I bought some socks and they arrived a few days ago. Hoping they'll make a difference if I wear them after training. Are they better just after or during too??
  • I have 2XU compression tights and top and I have really noticed a difference in my recovery when I wear them. I dont think it is the placebo effect neither. image
  • Aitch, either or or both  .... the Nike compression socks are almost to medical standards I reckon,  I would never get compression tights on that were that tight !!
  • Well I was thinking I might wear them on my last longest run before Roth and see if they make a difference.
  • OH wears 2Xu compression tights and reckons they do ake a difference. We've both got CEP compression socks but I find them much too tight, they're uncomfortable
  • I've got some DHB tights  - I've only used them after running - cant say that I've noticed any difference.

    Calfguards should be banned purely on fashion grounds. We look pretty dodgy as it is without looking like extras from the Britney Spears 'Hit me Baby' vid. 

  • LOL Cougs! I don't think they'd make your running look less camp that's for sure!
  • Interesting... I'm wearing my cep's right now....

    I do feel a difference in recovery ... haven't raced in them but I might give them a try.

  • <growls at Aitch>
  • You love me really Cougs image
  • I usually train in Skins, and i've not been using them as much lately, because of the warmth, and also, I don't wear the long ones during spin class, but my calves have been very tight. Tighter than ever in fact, and they cramp a lot more easily when swimming now. I'd say compression tights are great for training in, and do make a massive difference (i.e. not so sore afterwards at all ) I think i'm going to get myself some compression socks to wear under my jeans or trousers at work! I'm sure they can only help!
  • Rodeo, out of interest do you think the compression top helps?

    I can see the logic in leggings or calf socks, but tops?

  • Skins are now selling a compression cycling jersey for £90 - that promises - more oxygen to your muscles.

    That reminds me of the Festina team of 1999 who were saying that their results were so good as they had titanium threads in their shorts. Yeah. Well that and carload of EPO that got busted on the way to the Tour.  

    I'm VERY sceptical about the tops. Socks and leggings - hmmm - maybe. 

  • Work got me a set of thermal skins and they do seem to just add a tiny edge, bit like a comfy saddle versus a racing one. The cheap ones like Aldi are great running kit but no compression effect noticed.

    Skins are blooming  expensive though. 

  • Aitch Alex's shop do very nice conplesion calf's thing's at £20. Worth a look and you can pop in for a cup of tea and chocolate brownie after. image
  • I think they work pretty well (even if it's all in me 'ed - I'll take whatever advantage is out there!!), but I thought some of these bits are now banned under ITU rules?  Calf guards in particular as they cover up your race number, or some other reason that I may have just made up...

    Have I imagined this?

  • No you haven't my furry friend

    Page 71 ITU Competition Rules 2010

    45. Wearing clothes covering arms from shoulder to hand and/or clothing covering legs from knee to toes (in a non wetsuit swim) and on bike and run

    -Warning and amend
    -If not amended DSQ

    Snipped from a long thread on the subject over on th edarkside

    The chaps at IMtalk actually had someone in who had done some proper research and her conclusion was a marginal improvement for recovery, but you had to get the correct level/graduation of compression which may prove difficult.

    Edit: to remove rogue smiley

  • AliAird wrote (see)

    Rodeo, out of interest do you think the compression top helps?

    I can see the logic in leggings or calf socks, but tops?

    image AliAird I do find when I have been on the bike and my arms and shoulders were aching I do notice a difference the next day as opposed to when I dont wear it. Not entirley sure why I bought it tbh, might have been a deal on somewhere at the time but I dont use the top anywhere near as much as the leggings
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    that rule is a right dog's dinner now as this was originally instigated by WTC on the grounds that calf guards covered age group letters but WTC have since retracted this after an onslaught from the pros. but the ITU still have it in their rule books.

    so race WTC and wear compression kit or race ITU and don't

    effing stupid
  • I'd never describe what I do as 'race', so I'll probably be exempted this rule...
  • I really fancy some tight black kit with lines on - it looks fab. image
  • Cake - as I said in my post, I have already bought some! image

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