The SNOD ultra runnig thread

Rather than keep gatecrashing the SNOD MARA thread I thought I would try this if it works the Craic should be great and the party ernormousimageimageimageimageimage

Osmo, Lakeland 100, High peak 40, long tour of bradwell,Pumlumon are  of my future races, any body else that frequent thes pages doig them?

If now`t else get`s a response the spelling error shouldimage

The older I get the faster I was


  • is the hotel at Newby Bridge still being refurbed after the floods?
  • not sure of the name. i was on a reqqy run for the Brathay marathon and ran the first half of the route. it was last november and as we ran past they were throwing what looked like the entire contents of the hotel into skips
  • tis true about conserving stuff. I didn't get to the start line, i was training for the 10in10 but got injured in jan, so have been deffered too next may, i once camped at the national trust site by langdale and awoke on the sunday to see the marathon was on, i didn't run just sat in the pub and ate the biggest full english, did bump into a few forumites though.

    How's training for the Lakeland

  • that's a lot achieved already this year. sounds like it is all going well. makes my measly 50mile a week seem a bit low. but i am starting from scratch again and have a master plan, so as long as i stick to it i should be ok.? the best thing that has happened to me training wise was getting a new dog (a 12month old Dalmatian) i have never run so much! i'm not chasing miles and schedules now either, i'm just grabbing his lead and off out we go mostly hills and fields and track.

       i ran last night and it tried a few time to rain but never actually managed it.

  • Kielder looks a great race. i have put it in my diary for future referance.
      Gus (said Dog)  is only 12monthes and full of running. he is a large Dalmatian and very bouncy but like you say he is great for my training,
  • Crikey FR - this thread is a bit quiet - hope I'm not gatecrashing image.    Just to echo how dry it is, my sister lives up on 't moors above Hebden Bridge and said that there's been some bad fires up there recently.   Hope this promised rain arrives tonight to extinguish them and soften everything up - running off road is nearly as bad as running on road (only nearly though!) at the moment, as the ground is so hard!

    My next proper race is the Yorkshireman marathon (though I'll probably do the Indian Queens half when I'm on holiday in Cornwall in August) .... can't recommend the Yorkie enough as an "entry level" off-road marathon.   Well marshalled, cheap to enter, very supportive runners and, of course, it's in Yorkshire ... so what more do you want?

    Good luck with the 100 and Kielder.   Fancied doing the latter myself, but I was a bit slow off the mark.   Maybe next year!

  • hello hello

    just checking the equipment

    both you and sp have reminded me to get my HP sauce entry in pronto..its nearly full

    must dash back soon

  • Hello all.

    Yes, all runfurther races seem very popular this year. Doing osmotherley tomorrow and thats full now. Early start to get up there but will be fun. Can't wait image

  • well for you phoenixers the rain has passed and the sun has got his hat on again..loverly
  • living in central Brum, the nearest i get to daily hill running is the 'licky hills' just south of birmingham, not the wilds by any stretch of the imagination but still some lovely running and some testing hills. ran in sutton park this morning on the trails and inthe rain is was great too
  • Well done FR on a great run. 66 mins is an incredible improvement.

    I really enjoyed it . My only previous run was 2 year ago when it rained for most of the day. Very different this year, lot warmer and the views on the course looked superb.

    Had a bit of a mare though ending up 22 mins slower than before. Didn't have a great start when my friend whom i was running with had a really nasty fall shortly after the bucket drop. After a while she said she was ok to walk back to the start, but subsequently found out she had broken her wrist in 2 places !

    On a much less serious scale, I'd had a fair bit of calf ache before the race but thought i'd run it off. Didn't work out like that though and was struggling almost to the extent that when i got to the 22 mile check point I was very tempted to do what nearly all in the group i was in did, and change to the 26 mile option.

    However i kept going on the 33 route and very glad i did. Slower time but still loved it all and looking forward to next year ! Great also that the race did what they threatened to do and had a kit check during the race presumably with a 30 min penalty to those not carrying the required kit.

  • Welll done FR, SP, BN, DE, and the lovely Clairster - a great day out - warm, but not quite as warm as last year on the route - the village was in full welly throwing swing - brilliant.
  • nice one lads n lasses, espec sp for perservering, and fr/sz for pb's

    ive seen the youtube piece

    hope to be back there next year

  • Well done SZ on a pb. Enjoy your birthday. Good to see you before the race. Definitely going to make a week-end of it next year.
  • well done on the PB FR. i had a great run on saturday went and checked out the second half of the JWUltra to check it out in readiness for sept. it is my favorite favorite run. it has been a long time since i ran anything over half marathon so a big mental bonus to get 17miles under my belt, i think its slowly coming back
  • Cheers SP - You battled on and got it done!  FR - what do you put that effort down to? 66mins up! thought I was doing well with 54mins up - DE Also knocked off a half hou r+ A sub 6 is on next year.
  • FR Agreed, there was something about the day that made it seem smooth, the breeze helped? Atmosphere was brilliant -  I over run checkpoint 3 - it hurt having to run back to it - also did the same as last year and run too low through the fields at Locker wood farm - too lazy to pull out the map  - lost a chunk of minutes fixing that  - to top it all I had a  young'un on my tail near the whole way - I dropped him on the drover's road until he was out of sight -however, less than 50 ft from the finish he appeared stealthily in full sprint to try and nick what ever place I was about to get - the local on lookers gave me just enough warning - instinctivly I found a bit of gas to prevent him passing - life in these 50 year old pins yet!
  • sounds like wacky races sz!
  • Fellrunner wrote (see)

    Sound`s like a class finish SZ, it`s always handy to maintain that  KILLER KICK for the finish, doe`s wonders for the morale when you nail the freeloaders (those thst use you to navigate for them) on the finish line.

    I will have to look back on last years  time for HP 40 now  and see what I feel about doing about it.

    But first off there is the Lakeland 100 to enjoy, I guess your confidence is high now for the 50, watch out for CD though especially now he is into micro navigation after successfully naving west to east of the country.

    he was wearing killer heals i believe

     my last hp40 took me on an unscheduled and unwelcomed brain had gone onto standy mode

    the only people watch out for me fr with my navving skills will be the mountain rescue teams

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