Tying myself up...


I have narrow feet and find that I have a huge excess of shoe lace when tying the laces on my running shoes, even after tying a double knot. I would just cut a few inches off the laces - but I'm a bit concerned that the laces would just fray and fall apart without the plastic sheaths at the end of the laces, and that I would not be able to re-thread through the holes in the shoes. Any ideas?

As a possible solution, I'm considering elastic laces (lock laces) but I'm not sure if these will offer the necessary support for running a marathon. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they suitable for long-distance running?

What do the pros use? - I've never seen an elite athlete stopping to re-tie their laces...


  • I have this problem, there is a way to tie laces to make it more secure i will try to find the link in a minute.

    Also, although i have never done this, i just double knot them and let them hang, you could always burn the ends, i know this would work well but not sure how it would be threading them back through you hole, you might want to try this out on an old pair
  • Would the laces need to be nylon (or part nylon) for burning the ends to work?

    What about dipping the cut ends of the laces in super-glue or candle wax? Would this work?

    I don't particualrly have a problem with the laces coming undone - it is more just that I have a lot of surplus lace left which flaps around (and when running in the wet this can really whip into the other leg).
  • I fixed a pair where the plastic end bits came off by sticking a piece of sellotape round the end - not wonderful as it cam eoff gradually as the shoes got wet, but better than nothing. I did have another idea of dripping was onto the ends but it wasn't solid enough to thread them.

  • i've used rubber & eleastic laces with no issues.... over marathon distance too.
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