Middle distance triathlons

I just completed the UK IM 70.3 at Wimbleball and (with hindsight) loved it. My eventual goal is to build up to a full IM distance event, however I have been advised that several middle distance events over a couple of years is the best way to approach such an event. So with that in mind what other 70.3s are available in this country? And (out of curiosity) is wimbleball the toughest 70.3 one out there?


  • i think you will find that the correct approach is to man up and enter the full distance without delay
  • do a search on the british tri website
  • Don't be such a gaylord, go for the full one next year, no point putting off the inevitable image
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Don't be such a gaylord, go for the full one next year, no point putting off the inevitable image
    Next year ? WTF ? Entries are still open for Outlaw this year !
  • Don't know, but Bustinskin organise a pretty tough one in late September. Swim in Portland harbour, then bike round Portland, out into the very beautiful but distinctly unflat West Dorset countryside, followed by a tough run round Portland.

    I've not done it, though a couple of pirates did it last year - one described it as "a brutal day out". I watched. The first runner back was part of a relay team, so had only done the run. As he finished he said to the marshalls "That was ***king ridiculous!"

  • If you're still up in the North East / Newcastle area, then I'd have thought the Couples Challenge at Newbiggin on 24th July would be worth checking out: http://www.trihard.co.uk/paymentpages/event.asp?eventid=271

     It's the first year for the event, but it's being put on by Tri Northumberland who have organised a few other events and done a great job of them all, so I reckon it'll be a cracker.

  • I think it was me that described the Bustinskin as brutal- and I stand by that.  Pebble was the other Pirate there, but I didn't see a great deal of him as he is a far better cyclist than me.

    On my personal shopping list is the Ben Nevis tri which has (IMHO) a harder run course than Wimbleball, a day in the lakes also looks to be, erm, a testing day out.   

  • Brutal, but beautiful though!

    I've not quite given up on having a bash at it this year - though my summer training will have to go spectacularly well to be in a fit state.

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