Running in the countryside

I have always thought myself lucky being able to run across heath land during my lunch breaks. That was until I had to remove a tick that was embedded in my arm… Today I ran along the road!!!

You lucky people running in the town & cities, I bet you don't have any blood sucking parasites to worry about!!


  • What about big issue sellers ?
  • yeah,flyflicker,I get fed up with just cows to look at.A country mile is much longer also!!
  • must admit i've never had the tick problem
  • FF

    Were you crawling along to get a tick in your arm. I wear my jogging wellies to protect my legs from ticks.

  • You can get a spray to repel mozzies that says on the bottle that it repels ticks. Might be worth a squirt in the future if you dont mind the chemicals. Or you could try rubbing your exposed skin with citronella essential oil mixed with a carrier oil ie: grapeseed (cheap from a supermarket) You will smell a bit though! Insects are supposed to hate it and maybe the ticks would just slide off :-)
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