Metatarsal problem and marathons?

Anybody had a stress fracture on one of their metatarsals? How did it feel exactly? (yes I know it hurt!)Is it possible to do this and not be certain that this is what's wrong ie is there any thing similar that could happen. I ask because my physio is not sure (I have had previous sciatica problems) and I have two marathons coming up, New Forest this weekend and then NY in 7 weeks time.
The strange thing is though I'm pretty sore even walking there's nothing sharp and definite and I feel I could run although in some discomfort. I don't want to take a risk and ruin my chances in New York by attempting the New Forest this weekend. I wondered if stress fractures came in degrees of seriousness maybe?


  • Thanks for replying Sheila Anne, a marathon this weekend is looking increasingly unlikely now but my physio has agreed to let me do a short run to see if I get sharp pain or just a continuation of the aching. The thinking now is that it may be a tenditis thing at the attachment of the peronius brevis -she certainly found sensitivity there yesterday!!
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