Carbo Loading Snacks and Drinks...


I'm running the Stockholm Marathon on Saturday, and wondered if anyone could recommend some good carbo-loading snacks to eat whilst I'm travelling / away from home?

Dried fruit such as peaches, prunes, raisons, etc seem to have a very low glycemic index and therefore seem like they might possibly be a good choice. Also I was thinking of cooking up some tomatoey wholemeal pasta to take with me.

What do you reckon? Any advice would be most welcome...

Also, are there carbo-loading drinks available? Are these worth trying? I have SIS Go, but as this is an isotonic sports drink I imagine it would provide me with too much sodium and other minerals, vitamins, etc if I use it whilst not excercising. Any thoughts?


  • Lawrie
    its a bit late to experiment now

    Stick with waht you are used to
  • HoN,

    Thanks for the advice - To be honest, I wasn't looking to experimanet with anything too strange this close to the race. I eat loads of fruit, dried fruit and pasta, and I drink loads of fruit juice and sports drinks (when running) as part of my normal diet so I don't forsee any problems with these.

    However, I think just munching dried fruit and pasta all day might not bode well for a settled stomach so I am really looking for some other good alternatives to compliment them... I've always found moderation to be a good thing.

    Would eating high-fibre foods a day or two before the race be a bad idea? Or do I just want to avoid them on the big day?
  • I wouldnt eat them at all

    i just wouldnt change your diet, marathons are funny things
    is it your first?
  • Yup, first marathon... Which perhaps explains my neurotic questions!

    However, I have run three half marathons before and I have always flagged in the last mile or two. I didn't bother to carbo-load or drink sports drinks while running these events though.
  • I think sports drinks are a good idea, as long as youve practised with them on long runs, cos they can cause stomach cramps

    Good luck

    I shall be strugling round a marathon myself on sunday
  • And good luck to you!

    Which marathon are you running?
  • The potteries, in stoke

    I havent trained properly since FLM
  • Sounds like you are in the same boat as me...

    I trained really hard for the FLM but got injured just before and had to withdraw. I haven't really got back into training properly since but, having already paid for the flights and marathon entry, I thought I may as well go for it!

  • youll be fine
    Sorry to hear about FLM, i assume youre now in for 2004
  • Yes, in fact you've just reminded me that I need to get my FLM "Ill or Injured entry form" in the post - almost forgot!
  • i hope to get in through the ballot
    if not, ill come and support

    Plenty of other marathons to do
  • Hi Lawrie - Like Hippo says, best not to experiment this late, but if you like them some good high carb snacks are Jaffa cakes, muller rice and snack a jacks (rice cakes in lots of flavours, and little baby ones in crisp-like packets). All easy to travel with.
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