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Now, don't laugh but........

I am not sure whether I have a conical head or something, but I have found that, of late, my swim cap is working it's way off my head.  It has happened when I have worn one cap or two.  And both in the pool and OW.  It happens on latex ones and silicone ones.

Why is it and what can I do to stop it keep happening, short of super-gluing it on?  Or is it something I just have to learn to live with?

Ok, you can laugh now image



  • I've found wetting the cap first helps. This was asked on the crap swimmers thread a few weeks ago too. image
  • Freak !!!!!!!!!
  • *hands the superglue*
  • Sorry LN - I come and go in the Carp Swimmers thread and also there is a closed audience in there, hence me braving the comedic onslaught and outing myself  (as a freeeeeek)image
  • You'll have to attach a chin strap.  image  
  • A naIl in the top works for me

    In all honesty you have a wierd head shape...........................................

    ............................... to match the rest   image  

  • I am guessing you are all suffering from heat stroke.  I will wait for the morning shift to come in and maybe they will be more sensible, supportive, kind, caring, considerate and, above all, helpful image
  • I think you're on the wrong forum.. Have you got heat stroke?
  • I stroke lots of hot stuff

    seriously though.....

    shove both hands palms together inside the cap, open it up and fill it with water, tip it upside down to empty out.

    holding your hands apart inside the cap spread it apart  and pull it down over your ears shoving your hair inside it, it sometimed helps to tie your hair up and use the bun/pigtail/lump of hair.... as a hat stop

    failing that resort to the nail

  • Are your goggles not on tight enough?  That might explain why they leak and if you tighten them it might keep your cap on a bit better. <tries to be helpful> image

  • I am not sure I am gonna listen to you anymore Soupy after you likened me to a Swamp Monster yesterday.  Cut to the quick, I was image

  • image  It was an honest mistake.
  • Likened ??????


  • Paint your hair the colour of the hat you are supposed to use.
  • Or get  a whole load of different caps and then make a list in order of how long each of them stays on. In all honesty I don't know why your caps always come off.  I'm assuming you don't put body glide on your head. 

    erm........we are still not being very helpful are we? image  

  • Wig glue?
  • *boings for the sensible morning shift*
  • have you tired a silicon rather than latex cap? I find them much better
  • oops sorry, just read that in your post!
  • you can get sort of cloth ones including those with chin straps which would be worth a try.
  • Schmunkee - morning shift here at the ready!!  have you tried a light dusting of talc powder - seems to work for me (try the tea tree aus one - its quite fine)
  • I don't use a cap in the pool but have heard that talc is good for keeping it on! Plus the goggles over the top should do it surely?  I haven't done enough open water this year to notice an issue with my head shape though. image
  • Thanks for the sensible suggestions.  Went OW this morning and tried Plum's tactic of getting it wet first and all I can say is that it was like wrestling with a wet kipper.  There was no way it was even going to get on my head, let alone stay there image

    Will try the talc option tomorrow.

    Saffers - i end up looking like a chicken with a flappy bit of latex on the crown of my head.  Not an attractive look when you're trying to pull any of the Hunks In Trunks.

    On a positive note and totally unconnected with this thread, I wore my pool goggles to the lake and they did not leak at all image so will be ditching the full-face jobby-things

  • LOL......I'm not convinced that any girlie looks attractive to those Hunks In Trunks when in our swim costumes and goggles.......they're not very flattering! image

    Goggles are a rather personally thing I find.......those big face jobbies don't do it for me!  I struggle to find ones that don't leak and don't fog.  Mine aren't too bad at the mo.....a little fogging at times but no leaking which is a bonus.

    I shall try to get to open water swim tonight.  I seem to have a wall up between me and the OW.....don't have a clue why as I am not scared of OW as fairly strong swimmer!  I'm thinking it was swimming when it was bliddy freezing has just put me off the whole idea. image I keep finding reasons not to be there on a Monday.

  • I indulged myself at Datchet at the weekend.  There were some Hunks In Trunks (and these were defo good looking with a fine set of absimage) getting out of their wetsuits under the showers at the side of the lake and rubbing themselves all over.

    Hubba, hubba, hubba

  • LOL...I bet there's a bit of fogging going on then.
  • Er - not sure if it's the same problem but my cap always rises up a bit as I swim. As soon as I realise I just squelch it back down again. My old cap had a small hole in it and didn't rise up at all - so you could try making a small hole and see if that helps.

    Does your hat actually fall off or just rise up a bit? Does it matter?


  • Waff - it keeps on rising as I swim. to the extent where it almost comes off; the chicken analogy is not an exaggeration.  Admittedly to most people it's probably not an issue, but everything has to be 'just so' for me otherwise it does not 'feel right' and I can't relax and get on with actually swimming.
  • Is your cap too big?
  • Do you use a leave in conditioner or something that's making your hair extra slippery? If so, could shampooing before getting in the pool help?

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