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  • The night shift is going to be right at the end .... *hands the superglue and the nails*
  • Waff - it happens on all my caps, both silicone and latex.  My latest is my Pirate one and that was good for a session or two, now it's just like all the others.  Hence why I am wondering if I have an odd-shaped head. 

    I don't use any products on my hair (low-maintenance girl, me) but I have considered wetting hair and cap to see if that helps.

    Pkim - I would rather do a Sinaed O'Connor than have the night shift glue and nail the cap in place, thank you very much image

  • Schumkee- I occasionally get the conehead look. I also find the caps a bit big as I am a teenage pinhead. But I use a speedo pace cap which is made from a fabric with plasticky outside which grips better and doesn't pinch like the latex/silicone ones (available from Wiggle about £7) when wearing the pirate one at OW I put a little fold in the back inbetween the upper and lower strap of my goggles which takes care of the conehead look. Maybe this would help yours to stay on?
  • FB_Princess wrote (see)
    Schmunkee - morning shift here at the ready!!  have you tried a light dusting of talc powder - seems to work for me (try the tea tree anus one - its quite fine)
  • Farnie, behave woman image
  • thats just wrong!  Me thinks Farnie has altered my post.  Defo said "aus" as in AUSTRALIAN tee tree powder.  Gross.
  • image

    I know it was norty of me, 

    it twas the way my filthy mind read it....

  • Which swim cap you have used? I would like to suggest you to use cute swim caps, it may solve your problem.
  • Oh good ... we've waited two years for you to come along with a solution  image
  • You may think it's funny Meldy, but I have suffered for two years with my swim cap working it's way off.  Little did I know that a gent from across the pond could solve all my woes on only his second post.  And he must be a really helpful chap as his first post was solving my decorating troubles.  

    I really think I ought to thank him for being so kind.  Do you think he has ever tried that English delicacy known as spam.  I may send him some image

  • Oh yes, you could send him a Spam hamper as a thank you   image
  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    schmunks if those cute caps don't work - try a staple in each ear!!
  • Neoprene hat with a chin strap. Warm, comfy and if you have to put one of those stupid rubber hats on over the top, it stays in place. Got mine from Tri-UK yonks ago. Brilliant.
  • Yours is the one with the extra padding in isn't it Dusty? Does it help with all that thrashing about in the water you do?!! image image
  • I thought it was a float to keep him the right way up in the water? image
  • Shave your hair off - simples!

    Seriously though - when I start to get swim hat troubles, that's my signal to get my hair cut.

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