Monday 28th June 2010

TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

Screamin' "Someone shoot me!"

Morning folks. Let's face it, if I were a horse I'd have been put down by now. Thank God I'm not image

What: 1m jog - d&d / core / possibly a bit of yoga and proprioception exercises / a hopefully longer quicker run at lunchtime.
Why: ouch / strength & flexibility / make sure it's definitely ouch ahead of the scan.
Last effort: ?
Last rest: Thursday.

After yesterday's run I didn't do any rehab on the knee, with the result it got quite stiff overnight. A 1m jog was all it needed this morning to confirm anything should show up, so I'm keeping my powder dry to do some more a bit closer to the scan (3pm).

Have a good day y'all and keep those fingers crossed for me please.


  • Hope you get the result you want from the scan TT.

    Yesterdays lyrics - Lullaby by Shawn Mullins.

    What:            turbo/swim.
    Why:              fitting in/ticking over around domestic duties.
    Last hard:     21/3.
    Last rest:      24/6.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    TT: Fingers crossed

    What: 90 mins / 30 miles on the bike d & d at silly oclock, swim lunchtime, club run tonight
    Why: Monday Madness
    Last Hard: Not recently
    Last Rest: 04 June

    Lyrics: Nope

  • morning,

    if you were horse we'd have won a lot of money on you by now TT image 
    3pm excitement is becoming de rigeur, hope you get some helpful information from it

    M - you must surely still be on cloud nine, that's a mega pb! really, really pleased for you. what's your secret? i think i know the answer, hard work and dedication ?

    couple of good races together simon

    great effort gobi, can't be many people turning up at tri's wanting a late entry!

    conditions for my race were the complete opposite to M's, i think it was 27 degrees when i set off. haven't been before so allowed plenty of  getting lost time but hadn't bagained on a nearby road closure throwing traffic across onto my journey and a massive hold up. then i went to the wrong place (i swear i did follow the instructions!) and arrived at a country park car park which was beautiful, away up the top of the fell with a fantastic view but not a runner in sight...
    in the middle of nowhere and completely lost, blind panic set in. i phoned a friend who said there was a short cut down the mountain further along. a single track windy road, 'it' should  be ok if you take it slowly and nothing comes the other way'.
    standing on the brakes all the way down and now sweating up profusely i landed safely at the bottom only to find out that where we were running to was where i'd just come from. we've got to run up that??!!

    so we lined up at the village fete, real midsomer murders type setting, and ran over the field and basically up the mountain. it got very steep very quickly and people were walking on the worst bit. i managed to keep a sort of bounce jog going and found myself passing our club number 1 lady to make the top as 2nd lady and 1st in the club (this was race 10 in the series and i need to come better than 4th to improve my best 7 scores).
    i knew once we hit the downhill rocky stuff she'd come flying past, as i tippied toed down in an ungainly manner, certainly no mountain goat!
    2 guys came past at the same time but otherwise i held on and tried to cruise down the smoother parts.
    the views were absolutely glorious,  like some kind of ante room to heaven with the sun beating down on unspoiled hills. it was a real privelege to be alive and here.
    back down onto the road and the only blot on the horizon when a marshal was talking to a driver and forgot to tell me to turn right just before the finish. i overshot and had to come back but no harm done as i didn't lose a place.  finished 3rd lady and won a bottle of beer. lovely
    glugged some water and sped off to watch the match. i know they got trounced but it was much more entertaining than a draw and some of the german skill was wonderful

    recovery run today

  • Good morning,

    Ungodly hour to be at work... and in the aftermath of a thrashing by Germany. Bah.

    Fingers crossed for you TT!!

    Well done Gobi and Clink on your races, great reports too.

    M. - I'm officially starting the schedule today too, I just tried out the first week to see how I'd get on with running 6 days a week. Feeling fine, but whether I'll be saying that in a month or two's time is another matter! Good luck image

    What: 4 miles easy after work

    Why: Recovery/the sparkly new schedule says so

    Last hard: 27/06

    Last rest: 24/06

    Have a good start to the week everyone.

  • No to the lyrics by the way!

  • Morning all, here I am bathing in a sea of positivity. Don't get me wrong I'm still "FAT" and don't run as fast as I'd like BUT yesterday showed that my swimming has really made progress. That's big as after the Swashbuckler disaster I was pretty gutted.

    What: 30 easy bike miles d&d(had a lie in and went out at 6am)
    run lunchtime
    Track PM
    Body Pump PM
    Swim ??
    Why: OCD :¬)
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 8 days

    Handy thing about having two bikes is I still have a puncture but if I need to change bikes I can just change the wheel :¬)
  • morning all.

    At work so can't stop for long.  Good luck TT.

    What: 3.3 miles easy done early (av HR 126)
    Why: recovery
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 6 April

    The run this morning felt an awful lot harder than the HR suggested. 


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    TT -Best of luck

    M - Great result with your new 10km pb. You certainly obliterated your old one

    What:4 miles easy
    Why: recovery day
    Last Hard: Sunday

    gotta go things to do people to see sees ya later

  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭

    TT - good luck with the scan.

    M - massive PB, well done.

    Simon - good to see you back.

    clink - sounds enjoyable.

    What:   Off / core.

    Why:  It's competition period at last.  The hard work is done.  4 races this week (including relay).

  • Clink - no secret at all - for me it has just been run lots, mostly easy. No speedwork, no hillwork, just lots (for me anyway) of miles and some regular (at least every other week) racing. Your fell race sounds awesome! Well except the weather - I'd melt into a little puddle. I'm so useless in the heat. Congratulations - it sounds like you raced really well. Loved the report too.

    Fingers crossed TT

    MO - when is your target marathon? We will have to keep each other on track. I look forward to seeing what your schedule has on offer - and what is different / the same.

    what: 8k recovery
    why: recovering. right hamstring a bit niggly/crampy a few hours afterwards but otherwise ok. may need a massage I think.
    last hard: yesterday
    last rest: Saturday

    And photos
  • OK - I know this is a totally dumb thing to be excited about. Feel free to laugh.


    I just noticed that if I was in the UK that 10k would have put me on the Power of 10 rankings. Very low on them to be fair but still!

    Years ago I used to dream quietly of getting on the (as they were then) rankings and occasionally moan loudly about how hopeless it was to ever get there. More recently though I'd realised there might be a chance in the marathon (which seems much easier than the others). But this race was so much of a jump that I hadn't even considered the possibility! Wow.

    Sorry - I'll go away now.

  • M; Nice photo's if a tad wet for me, Your 10K time is getting fairly close to mine and I can run sub 3-30 marathons so it has to be very very doable for you.

    Gobi: I do the same with my bikes and even have another two sets of wheels lying around so that I can have three punctures at once! My Tubulars have some sort of sealing gunk in them and have never punctured, its always the front wheel of my clinchers that gets punctured. Nice result yesterday!

    Clink: Nice effort and nice report, I love running uphill but am spectacularly useless coming down.

    My swimming too is improving, reading a few articles on technique helped. Once back from holiday I must find a coach, but as happens in  Dubai the one I had lined up is leaving for good next week.

  • Fab photos M. - and that's a perfectly good thing to be excited about, I know I would be! image

    I'm training for the Amsterdam marathon on 17th October, following the 16-week RW schedule. It's probably over-ambitious, but if I can get a good PB out of it at least then that'll be enough! What about you, what mara are you doing?

    Moraghan - good luck. When's the first race?

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Good luck TT, keeping things crossed...
    Nice racing Gobi & Clink. Nice stuff too M, super pb.

    M - I have found that the older I get the more the chances increase of getting onto the power of 10!!!
    That said I'm certain that not all events are taken into account, whether the organisers have to subscribe or something I don't know. Out of interest I looked at my field efforts for last year, none of them on there but would have been listed as long as I don't lose speed by the time I'm V75......

    As for training its been another light week. Not sure whats going on with my legs but been washed out for weeks (this was my third <25mile week on the spin). Friday just 4 miles, Saturday nothing (setting up the school's summer fair from ~10am to ~5pm) but I guess lots of lifting, carrying and sweating.
    Sunday - 6 miles, supposedly easy but found it a real struggle, maybe too hot and muggy
    Today - 4 "easy" to Westminster & back.

    have a great day

  • Afternoon all,

    M:  Well done on the massive 10k PB and in tough conditions too by the sound of it.  You look determined on the piccies.  If you're still a UK citizen, you can get your achievement on athletics data/power of 10; just email them the results and your details.  What Mara are you targeting for sub 3:30?

    Gobi:  Another short notice triumph.  I didn't know your were in the old codger class - I thought you were just a slip of an aerobic monster. 

    TT:  Hope you finally get to the bottom of things with the scan.  When will you get the results?

    clink:  Well done on 3th Lady.  You're certainly waxing eloquent today - what was in that beer?

    • What:  9m
    • Why:  recovery
    • Last Hard: Tuesday
    • Last Rest:  20/6

    Have a good one!

  • Afternoon all.

    Didnt get a chance to lookin yesterday as after my relay leg, and then geting back to the finish to run in the last bit with our last leg man (well chased after him), and then running out again to run in the last bit with Mrs PM who ran her first half martathon yesterday, and then fast car to Dublin for my own version of the England Germany, only we had a worse beating my our local rivals (for Tipps benefit Meath absolutely trounced us - worse display ever). And we cant even blame it on a bad refereeing decision. Drank a few pints of Guinness after and went to bed.

    Got up this mornin though and did 7 miles, matbe a few later - see how i feel.

    As for yesterdays race - it was strange running the first leg of a relay (never done it before). Only running 5k when everyone else is doing 21. Still went out as fast as poss to keep in touch with my "opposite number" who i had to keep with to give us a good start. Managed to keep it going on a reasonably tough course. On my mind was the timing chip which was strapped to my ankle and how to get it across as fast as possible. I decided to stop, whip it off and get going again. This seemed to work well as i caught  back up on the other team and got my second leg runner off to a good start with a quick changeover. I felt that if we got the second leg off well we would win, and we did. Comined time of 1.13 (not sure about my 5k split though).   

    Tipp - All the best for the scan which you are ion as i type. Really hope it works out for you. Oh by the way the Dubs reward for yesterday's disasterous performance was a match against - guess who - Tipperary.

    M - well done on the PB - that weather didnt look too good - just like Home.

    Gobi - well done on the impromptu race

    Clink -  well done on the hill climb. 

    Talk Later 

  • M - I'd be chuffed to bits too!

    Congratulations Clink - sounds as though you raced really well.

    Dustin - maybe if you e-mailed PoT they'd add them?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • MO - I'll be running a week before you then - I'm going to Masterton marathon on the 10th October. Its where I ran my PB 2 years ago. Slightly different atmosphere to Amsterdam though - Masterton only had 45 finishers in the marathon last year! Although it did have a half and 10k too - maybe a few hundred people in total. I did Rotterdam as my first marathon back in 2004 and always wanted to try Amsterdam. It'll be nice to have someone else marathon training at the same pace on the thread.

    Dustin - I didn't realise they had different criteria for masters? I just thought it was juniors or seniors! Must look more closely!

    Thanks AF - I am still a UK citizen but hadn't thought about doing that - I wonder if they'd list a NZ race? I will try and see.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    What - Jogging Trampoline (again)
    Why - Strength for Achilles
    Last hard - Yetserday
    Last Rest -?

    Take care

  • M. - neat pics - great that your time would be good enough for Power of 10. What's the course like at Masterton?

    Paddy - shame you couldn't get your time - always tough being first runner - what time did your wife run in her half?

    Moraghan - good luck with the racing - 4 seems a lot!

    MO - I've run Amsterdam marathon - was looking for that 3.30 time too, so tried to run with the 3.30 balloons - very aggressive runners, got the old elbow in the arm treatment, decided it easier to drop off and run by myself - ended up with 3.47 I think it was. I found it difficult because it was so flat - no relief for muscles on uphills or downhills. Think with a flat marathon you definitely need to do some flat, fast running in training.

    Clink - that sounded tough but executed perfectly - well done girl!

    Tipp Top - good luck with the scan - hope they can see what is wrong and how they can fix it!

    What: 6 miles - Cornwall Park - first 4.5 by myself - wet, hilly mucky, lots of cattle, electric fence to get under, pheasants strutting around, felt good, then ran to meet husband and group who were walk/running. Pleasant evening out.

    Good running everyone.

  • Hello again,

    M., that sounds like a lovely race. My second marathon (Abingdon) was a relatively lonesome experience after running London as my first, and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet! Yes, will be good to share the training experience... I'm hoping it will be a positive one and not break me too much image

    Thanks Christine for the Amsterdam advice. Oddly enough, my personal worst was on a supposedly super-fast course (Edinburgh). Large sections were on a slight decline, which completely knackered my quads by the halfway point. Definitely a lesson there about training for the course and not just the distance!

    Well done Paddy and your team on the relay win!

    Well, I did the run - so the schedule starts. After taking 4 years to just get back to a sub-4 again it feels weird, and a bit overwhelming. My nemesis said the other week that he thought I could do it, but he's probably just trying to destroy me to keep his half-marathon PB safe image

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers folks.

    lol clink. Nicely done on the 3rd.

    Blimey M. Looks very very wet! Nice one on the Po10. I remember getting a buzz when I started getting my results on there too. Very nice feeling image

    AF - they'll be with my doc in 7-10 days apparently, but I'm in to see the consultant in the 7th of July. I'm hopeful that I'll hear beforehand though (link through club).

    Paddy - I didn't know Meath were up to much at hurling? I assume we're talking hurling? Will be interesting to see if we can get ye back for the league match. Nice work on the relay.

    Progressive 5 this afternoon was quite nice actually -> 7:19 down to 5:54 in the midday heat (think progressive runs will play a big part in my schedule when I get back to running) Ironically the knee now feels better than it has done for a few days. Go figure!

    Lyrics were 'Girl all the bad guys want' by Bowling for Soup.

  • Eh these lyrics are getting a bit obscure aren't they? image

    Fingers crossed for the scan results TT - been ages now, god knows what it must be like for you!

    Good racing everyone. Shame about England - but I was pleased not to be hobbling to work like I did after kicking a traffic cone in 98 after we lost to the Argies image

  • Ah, I so should have got those lyrics! Fingers crossed for your results TT.

    LOL Simon image Yep, was a miserable day at work today... still, the Cup goes on and I've decided to support Ghana for the rest of it. At least the USA are out too thanks to them!

  • NZC - its a two lap course, almost on a big square.  There are a couple of small "bumps" out around 10k ish but neither could really be described as a hill.  The half marathon is one lap of the same course and starts 2 hours after the marathon - so the leaders caught me around 25k last time.  This time I'm hoping to hold them off till the 30s!  I actually found it quite helpful last time as I'd started fairly slowly and by 30k felt I could pick up a bit and try chasing the half runners coming past me. 

    An electric fence?  That sounds a bit crazier than my normal Monday run.

    MO - its quite exciting starting a new schedule I think.  Well done on getting going!

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