Bearbrook 10K



  • GM. We watched you finish, looked like you was sprinting at the end. Congrats on breaking 1hour. Was that a new PB?

  • Good morning image

    I managed to get my photos of the runners on line late last night . . thse that I took of the start, and the presentation, and before and after the race will have to wait until this evening as I hear the day job calling me imageimage

    Great to see you GM, and well done for getting under the hour . . good to see you enjoyed the race, cwj, hope you like the photos!


  • RickK,

    Great photos, thanks, will place an order shortly......

  • thanks MR, pleased you like them imageimage
  • Lots of good photos Rich, thanks. I knew i was struggleing, and the expression on my face proved it. 

  • thanks cwj image although I'm sure that in one of my photos you're smiling and you've got both feet off the ground - but maybe it was wind!! image

    I see you made it into the Bucks Herald today imageimage 

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