Measuring distance

I run in London, and would like to measure distances. I bought one of those gadgets that you run over a map and it's supposed to tell you the distance, but it varies my run yesterday between 11 miles and 14 miles (not very helpful!). Surely there is some website that is more accurate that you can give a route and it tells you the distance?

Anyone know of one?


  • Hi Amanda. I have often taken sessions in Hyde Park and while there found that the members of Serpentyne Runners seem to know all the routes in London.Try them.

    Also if you run at a steady pace,why not use a gaget that counts the number of strides you take as you run.Providing you have measured your stride leangth at the pace you do a run at,it will give you a good idea as to just how far you have run.

    They are quite cheap,and I have found quite accurate (usualy within 50-80metres over about 10miles)Providing you can keep a steady stride leangth.

    All the best,Ron.
  • Amanda, search back through a few conversation threads as there have been discussions on this very topic.

    accuroute was one website (not sure if its .com or, anquet was another.

    i'd agree on the mixed results with a wheely thing as I have just bought one, I found a piece of copper wire is better.
  • Thanks for all your responses....have also used the AA website (tho' very time consuming!!!), and it came up with 14 miles - so am v. happy at the moment!!!
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