Anyone else get backache doing OW swimming

I've just done a 4k OW swim and during the last lap my back really started to ache.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm guessing its either my sighting doing it or something with my wetsuit?

Any advice gratfully received image


  • You will have a much flatter profile in the water with a wetsuit than in a pool without, so yes I suspect it is quite common

    I am used to feeling like a cripple!!
  • Yes, my back aches a bit.  As Meldy says, it's because your wetsuit makes you buoyant so your position in the water is different.  Your legs are probably higher which makes your back curve more.

    I'm not sure what you can do about it though.  Try a wetsuit with thinner legs (so less buoyant)?  Swim in OW more so your back gets stronger?  Improve your body position in the pool so you don't have such a difference when you get in OW?

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Core stability - it will improve the more you do
  • so a new expensive wet suit won't help image

  • The wetsuit definitely exaggerates your bouyancy and for me it curves my back so two lower vertebrae rub a bit. I ended up in physio pre-Swissland but manage it myself now with quite a lot of stretching.
  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease Holly  image
  • he only time I had bachache was in my Ironman swim...............and that was probably becasue I had never swam that far before and only swam 2k in the wetsuit a couple of times...........

    I found that putting the wet sponges during the run on my lower back really helped.image

  • Oh God. Are you stalking me, Wench?

    (notice I gave you a capital 'W' to emphasise your name?) ;-D
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  • My first wetsuit gave me significant backache due to being too buoyant in the legs.  Replaced it with a make know for less buoyant legs and the problem was solved.  Perfect!
  • Not had a problem OW but swam in the pool today for first time in 2 years and had chronic back ache
  • Yes, when I started I got quite bad backache after a while, but as others have suggested the more wetsuit swimming I've done the better it's got. Now I'm OK.

  • Thx for the feedback. I'm hoping it will get better the more I do image
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