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well SOMEONE had to start the discussion!!!

Not sure the average 'bout of nookie' (who wrote THAT Benny Hill?)using the same amount of calories as climbing two flights of stairs......must be a pretty short 'bout of nookie'!



  • I would have thought it helps as it releases endorphines and helps you to sleep better - a good mental attitude is a big help and being awake engenders a more positive attitude
  • When my OH did Lanzarote IM in 1995 he was advised to forgo marital relations in the run up....... good job he never does what he's told unless its by me image!!  Mindyou - he did come in a little slower than he'd trained for (the race, not the ermm......well, you know image) so..............?
  • I know it helps you finsih a race asap, so you can get back and have a right good fck.......!
  • Is is racing etiquitte to do it on the start line - is that what they mean?
  • I e-mailed the link to my girlfriend (who's currently in America).

    I'm yet to get her to speak about the subject image

  • 2 flights of stairs?  I thought us runners would be at least burning enough calories to run up the Empire State Building image

  • Chance would be a fine thing haha!
  • Beats the normal stretching before running

  • I knew it!!!! I knew that sex wasn't the most calorie buring activity you could do. There are loads more things that make me more out of breath than 15 mins of sex, icluding actually taking the stairs. The 3 flights of stairs at college always have me gasping for oxygen lol. Sex is easy compared to that lol. (

    Agree with the sex not affecting performance the next day. I had sex the night before before race day. Needed something to calm my nerves so i could sleep and i didn't think alcohol was wise. Ran my 1st 10k in 56.50 the next day - only 10 secs per mile slower than my personal best for that distance.

    Do not believe that sex the night before helps relieve muscle aches after the race tho. My hip really hurt and it hurt to walk the next day after my race. Possibly sex right after the race would help, but u might wanna take a shower first lol.

  • Sex helps women block out pain and men sleep.

     What does that say about us?

  • I wouldn't recomend sex in the middle of the night before a race... I found doing so did calm my nerves, but on the other side I was knackered the following morning.... maybe I should have stuck with just the once before bed rather than....

    Once point about the article 

     male athletes were made to run on a treadmill 12 hours after having had sex. They showed no decline in stamina, or mental and physical performance

    12 Hours is that 12 hours on a treadmill or 12 hours after sex ?image 

    Duckinator, I think you should have kept that quiet, don't want the Mrs to come back and tell you it works!

  • My thoughts precisely,go for it whenever the mood takes,the legs may need a good warm up but what a mental buzz when you get 10 mins into the run.Keep running & shagging every1,we're only here once. 
  • I have a race tomorrow. Anyone fancy a quickie? image
  • Too tired ta!!!! No women on this discussion, cant think why!!
  • The night before, or in the morning before?  Or both?  image

    Doesn't seem to do me (or my Squeeze) any harm.  We've both had several PBs over various distances in the last couple of years image

    But then, we've not tried NOT having sex before a race..... image

  • Would Hepthathletes need to have one bout or something before each event.
  • Sound advice methinks, although I would worry about pulling a muscle or two the night before a run lol!
  • I don't have sex. I'm happily married.image
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    I don't have sex. I'm happily married.image

    image LOL

  • i don't have a girlfriend and the old lady below my flat doesn't appeal. would a wank suffice?
  • dan harrington 2 wrote (see)

    2 flights of stairs?  I thought us runners would be at least burning enough calories to run up the Empire State Building


    image Without being to crude given the fact that many reading that are marathon runners I think the person writing the peice has had some seriously bad boy friends in the sack?

    Oh err actually maybe it's written by a ex? image

  • My thoughts exactly,just on one thing different with me,my half marathon was due to start at 6-30pm on sat eave,mmm what do you do when in a hotel room all day with your girl freind !well 3 sex sessions later !3-30pm,totally zonked !!

    But come race start,flying as was the result !fastest all year & im 50 yrs old.

    Highly recommend it ! allthough not 3 times so close in one day.

  • Yes you are a sex machine James.Im your girlfriend and loved it,chilled us right out!! oh and guess what i was 6th lady at that half,so whos going 2 complain!!
  • image *insert joke here?*
  • So true and its not only sex. Masturbating is actually better for males 1 hour before a run. Your more relaxed and are pumped to run. Give it a go I guarantee it works.
  • The toilets smell bad enough ta.......image
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