Pirates vs Tripetalkers!

Just saw this 'over there'...

TT's vs Pirates

If you've a login, go have your say!

All good harmless fun, long may it stay that way.


  • and a whole lot less aggressive than the Fetch chatter!
  • just been and added my 2 peneth.

    Which Fetch chatter is aggressive? Have I missed something? I post over there in the tri forums and never noticed it to be hostile to the pirates?

  • as an american, I have been raised not to need any reason whatsoever to get aggressive with other people...esp when defending myself or friends from senselss, harmless banter founded on nothing more than good fun
  • They are a good and supportive bunch* , there is room in the sport for all of us I reckon

    *Tripers that is,  sadly I have not seen the good side of Fetchies for the most part
  • there's deffo room for us all, mind you between me, wiganer and Fat Buddha there ain't much room for anyone else image

    Not actually met any fetchies yet, the banter on the tri thread is fine, found a few rude people on the general threads, but there's still plenty of time for me to upset them.

  • Re tripetalkers - I had a fab supportive cheer from some of them whilst losing the will to live at my first half IM, which definitely gave me a welcome boost, and they always get a cheer from me too. image

  • Always had good banter with Tripetalkers and their Sherpas around various courses, although a small minority of the peeps posting on that thread have some interesting perspectives on life, and are quite welcome to stay on their side of the internet/pub/race course.

    If some of us help some of their more needy folk to feel superior, then that's another another valuable service we provide to the tri world image Pirates rock !

    (((Most Tripetalkers)))
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    Was supported very nicely by a Triper at one of my very early tris (Droitwich, 2007).

    Always banter with them when I see them at events.  We looked after a few at Lichfield last year too and they took the time to logon to here and thank us.

    Should this now be the 'go hug a triper' thread?


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    we're just different shades of the same sport - we wear yellow & black, they wear blue & black - but underneath we're all basically the same....

    I've never seen or experienced any antagonism with the Tripies and supported them as needed......

    I just noticed I joined Tripetalk in 2004 - and only 184 posts in the 6 years.......I must be slacking.. image
  • I did not have a lot to say, but did, so to speakimage

  • Been there, had a dump! Feel better now image
  • image Is it a bad thing when you spot the tritalk thread before this one? I think I'm geeking to much. 
  • They claim to be 'better' than us: I bloody hope so as most of us are just rubbish due to not training enough.

    If I trained really hard I could be really average at least.

    In fact if it wasn't for them we might be the most serious bunch and that would just be wrong.imageimage


  • AndrewSmith wrote (see)

    Been there, had a dump! Feel better now image

    perfectly stated.
  • At IMCH I found all the Tripies great fun - as were the Serpies......and it just adds to the spirit of the event.

    It shouldn't be a case of who is better. Just we prefer to wear yellow and black.

  • tripetalkers are losers.

    as self styled underachievers, can you confirm for me that 10 hours training a week is enough to get me through forestman if i enter it next year? or should i wait for a year when i can do more?

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    [points and laughs at theprawn]

    welcome mate!

    you'll be fine on 10hrs mate - many around here get through an IM on less
  • nice holiday for the wife and kids at sandy balls in the offing then.
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
     you'll be fine on 10hrs mate - many around here get through an IM on less

    I hope you're right FB!

    Got an IM training program for 10 hours by any chance?!

  • Prawnie - I'm planning on doing the outlaw in a couple or three weeks on a lot less than 10hrs pw!
  • 10 hours average a week is a massive amount of training, if people were really honest about logging their training I expect you would find few do that. And some of those get some excellent results.
  • I think it depends if you include thinking about training, deciding which kit to wear, trying to find your trainers because your wife has 'put them away' again getting dressed to go out, getting undressed because you forgot to put your HRM on, getting dressed again, having a final FINAL coffee, visiting the toilet for the fourth time, warming up, cooling down, showering, bragging about it to your mates in the pub in which case I'm doing stacks of training.

    If you only include the actual time exercising then I'm lucky to reach a couple of hours a week image

  • there is a part of me that just fancies turning up on the day to see what happens. image

     it's the getting home again afterwards that would be the hard part.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    so stay overnight and get pissed the following day like we do.....

    no point doing these IM things without a bit of fun after
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