Evening News City of Norwich Half-Marathon, inc BMAF Championship

Not enough random chatter about this one, and it's five days away. So...

Who's doing it, then, apart from me?


  • hi

    i am..its my first half. was supposed to be doing it with a mate but he has picked up a bit of a nasty foot injury. anyone here done it before?? any general advice for a first timer?
  • me

    and my brother.

    Bit of a grudge match.
  • I'm in - aiming for sub 1.40 this year (1.42 last year), as long as it is not too hot. I believe they have had ver 700 entries so far, and usually get another 100 or so on the day.
  • I hope to enter on the day. What's the course like?
  • Thanks very much to everyone who has entered so far - including the 111 entries we have taken via RW on-line. Pre-entries have now closed at 1,094 - that already over 300 more than we had last year in total, and there's still the EOD's to come. Looks like we might get 1,200 overall this year, which would be terrific.

    Anyone who would like to enter on the day will be very welcome (£11) - you could save yourself some time on Sunday by going to www.conac.org.uk/halfentry.htm now and printing off an EOD form ahead of your journey. See you on Sunday!
  • I've entered, its my first race. Any advice? It's supposed to be about 22 degrees on sunday.
  • Lots to drink, I think! Drink plenty (but not force-feeding-type plenty) the day before, have a drink with breakfast and a bit more before the race. Drink at the early drink stations (though doing so in the last few miles is fairly pointless, except to help post-race rehydration).

    To be honest though, I haven't got the knack of hydrating properly yet!

    And if it feels hot, I'll be thinking of adding a minute to my target, which currently stands at sub-1:47, by the way. Much easier to blow up if you're dehydrated. On the other hand, a 22C max isn't too bad, especially if you consider that it'll be cooler during the race and that it's not going to be particularly humid.

    Mark - aside from the above, get an idea of what you're capable of based on past races at other distances (e.g. the pace calculator at www.mcmillanrunning.com), then aim to keep the pace steady all the way. Do NOT, repeat DO NOT go off too fast, even if you're feeling good! Too late to say this, but make sure you've got experience of the distance in training - up to 15 or 16 miles would be great, but 10 should be enough.
  • Cheers Swerve, have already started drinking lots, about 4 litres of water a day. Is it better to carry a sports drink around with me as when I did 16 miles the other week I completely burnt out.
  • There's been a bit in the press recently about drinking too much - hypnoeatremia(sp?) - washes away useful salts n stuff. 4 litres sounds like a lot, depending on activity level obviously, but I have no real feel for whether that's too much. Might want to check!

    I think as far as running 13 and a bit miles is concerned, as long as you've carbo-loaded adequately (and this doesn't mean force-feeding, just a substantial carb-rich meal the night before and a moderate breakfast), you're probably not going to get into trouble through not having the energy reserves - it'll be fluid loss that gets you (or going off too quick!). So provided you take stuff on board at the water stations, I don't think you'll need to carry anything special with you. Certainly I've never felt malnourished come mile 13. On the other hand, if it's your standard routine, there may be advantages in not changing. On a 16-mile training run, I'd definitely take fluids, and maybe even something to snack on, but I wouldn't bother for (say) a 12 mile.

    There are plenty of people on these forums who know way more about it than me - probably worth having a search for old threads, or maybe post a question in the training or health sections.
  • A guy who trains with us, Mark Hall unattached is doing this one. Should do about 72 mins if it's flat.
  • I did it last year. There are a few small inclines (hills to people that live in Norfolk) I haven't done nearly enough training this year, trying to do my house up to sell, or at least that's my excuse. From memory, I think I'm no.406. My brother in law will be there too. See you on Sunday.
  • swerve...thanks for your advice...and everyone else who posted hints. i hope we all have a great run on sunday, whatever our times :)

    really looking forward to it. will keep it nice and steady. all the best to you all.
  • Can anyone help me to get hold of a copy of the results edition of the Evening News? I live in Lincs and I can't get it here. I'll obviously cover any costs for postage etc.
  • GM
    I could help with that. E mail me your details.
  • Ran this today.

    Good, big-race atmosphere with wonderfully convenient parking.

    Really nice course along quiet country roads and through some delightful scenery; gently undulating for the most part, although two longer hills during the race and a vicious little climb up to the finish area.

    Weather was glorious, but I found it too hot and too hilly to get going; legs felt weak from mile 2 onwards (over-enthusiastic training during the week and a very bad night's sleep in a cold tent to blame), so I was reasonably happy with 1:30:39.

    Will definitely do it again.
  • Oh dear. Easily my worst run of any kind ever.

    Brilliant course, organisation, facilities, marshals and helpers - well done CoNAC - but the heat killed me. I love rain, snow and ice! Started to feel dehydrated after about 5 or 6 miles, went from comfortable 8:20 miling to 10 min for the last four, including walks. And I had been very thorough with hydration beforehand, and adjusted my target pace downward for the conditions. A personal worst by a mile (literally!) in 1:57:52.

    Feeling pretty despondent now. But will do it again next year - if we get some proper English summer weather!
  • Swerve,

    I finished in 1:57, not sure of exact time, you didn't battle it out to the line with a guy in a forum vest did you? We must have seen each other.
  • Nope, I think you went clear of me in the last mile. I did see you pass me and meant to say hello, but talking took a low priority relative to trying not to die! I was in my club vest, white with two thin blue hoops.

    So, how did you enjoy it? :-)

    The results are up at the CoNAC site, by the way.
  • Think I can work out that you were 1:57:15. So I would have got in about three weeks after you! ;-)
  • Well, I think you all did brill!

    I was marshalling at mile 11 near the Marlingham Bell pub, and the determination, guts and focus that everyone showed as they went past was fab! Inspirational! On such a very hot day!

    I knew several people that ran this and they all did about 10 minutes slower on their H/M PB's.

    Well done to all of you that ran it!


  • thanks to everyone for the help and advice. i completed my first ever half (12.13). not a world breaking time but i am delighted.

    angela - thanks to you and anyone else who supported the competitors en route. for an inexperienced runner like me it really meant a lot. were you standing in the middle of the road outside the pub??? if so i certainly remember you.
  • Mark,

    Yep, that was me!

    The short person wearing an icky orange coloured t-shirt that all the CoNAC guys and girls had to wear, an England cap, and a plastic race marshal bib that was about 200 sizes too big for me!! :0)

    No worries concerning the support! It was the least you all deserved!

    It was really funny how so many runners ran past and asked where their pints of beer were!!

    Anyway, I remember doing my first half in March at Bungay and feeling a bit tired in the old legs after mile 10, but the marshals were great and kept me going, especially the one that said, "Only 400 yds to go!".....even though it was the LONGEST 400 yds I have ever run :0)

    Anyway, I'd have wilted in that heat! And that hill at the end! We cycled back to the Showground, after the last runner had gone through, and went up the hill and we just thought, "God, that would be a swine to run up in that heat after 13 miles!!!"

    Well done on finishing and also, on your time!


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