Anyone NOT going to IM Regensburg next year?



  • arctic lady wrote (see)

    but I'm agreeing with you !!

    Ha, ha, hahahahahahahaaha!!!  Are you ill?
  • Rodeo - I thought Canada looked awesome too. Until I decided on Regesnberg I was also tempted by Challenge Wanaka - although it means lots of long training sessions through the winter.
  • Not doing IM next year, saving myself for a return to IMNZ in 2012 image

    Instead I shall try to get my running back on track and probably do a few shorter tri's - Swashbuckler, possibly Vit and maybe some sprint/oly ones too.

  • I will be sat at my computer at 0200 tomorrow night trying to get a spot at Austria, anything has to be better than Bolton!
  • Hope wrote (see)
    Why not Ragesnsburg AL?
    mmm, well, I may do it, I dunno, was just wandering what the other options were and who was gonna do them! Regensburg does look good, so does Austria!
  • Any race is a challenge for me!
  • Smiffy, some friends are doing the Inferno in Switzerland soon - looks like one you might find interesting...
  • not me, having a bit of a fight at work and probably -may be-could be-might be- not working in You rope this time next year?  + Aftermy back injury in Feb then pulling out of Roth the motivations not wot it was.

    will see, memsahibs trying to get me out of the door to run a bit .....again?

  • No idea... haven't done Roth yet and not going to commit to anything until I'm done....if there's still places in Regensburg after Roth and I want I'll sign up...if not then I'll find something else.

    I might actually do a couple of HIM's next year and just work on my pitiful general.

  • I am def going to Austria now.  Have a bit of a marathon demon to slay on my way to sub 10:30
  • KK, yeah London is def your thing for mext year.

    Doozer, why Austria?

    I think I'm heading to Regensburg. Arggh credit card, was going down, now going back up. A few non pirate friends are signing up for Regensburg too, if they had opted for austria, I would've gone that way. 

  • It's going to be fun image
  • arctic lady wrote (see)

    Doozer, why Austria?

    I think I'm heading to Regensburg. Arggh credit card, was going down, now going back up. A few non pirate friends are signing up for Regensburg too, if they had opted for austria, I would've gone that way. 

    I have a few non pirate friends shooting for Kona slots and are going there.  It was my first IM 3 years ago and I really enjoyed it, it has a fantastic fast bike course which suits my style of biking.  Be nice to see how much I have improved in 4 years!
  • I think you should beat that target Dooz, and well done at the weekend.
  • Cheers Rosey, I dont want to make too wild a prediction based on my previous attempts at the distance, but I know my biking and running will put me in a position to get under sub 10 if my running can improve over the longer distance
  • as they say its all about the bike but only in so much that you need to get off fresh enough to run so its all about the run really lol !! I am sure you will be great value for sub 10
  • better start running then hadnt I.

  • its 0200 in Dubai and god help me cos I just got up and entered IM Austria, I have only ever done a super sprint Tri (last week!). Thus I now have 1 year to learn how to swim properly.

  • I was going to Regensberg untile the wife threatened divorce, this nearly made me sign up there and then, however i relented and agreed i will continue training for my first IM but will look for one in the uk

    Any reccomendations?

    i am very dissapointed on missing out so if you know the entry dates that would be real helpful as i want to get booked in and know i have something to look forward to

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    JD - there is only one UK branded IM - Ironman UK which this year is 1st August so likely to be a similar date next year. IMUK don't open for entries early - well they haven't done so far - so you have time. Of all the European IM this is recognised as probably the worst for location and organisation - tough course but let down by many other factors - and is amongst the reasons why most from here do European ones as they are much better set up.

    If the IM branding is not key to you then there are other long distance events - including a new one in Nottingham in August called Outlaw that has great potential. organisers have a good pedigree and it should be a fast course. there are a few of us (me included) doing this year's inaugural event. perhaps wait and see the reports on that before deciding??

    others include Forestman (New Forest), Big Woody (Forest of Dean), KernowMan (Cornwall) and a bit further afield, Eireman in Ireland
  • Thanks FB. I looked at Outlaw via the other threads on here and it seems like this could be the one.

    IM branding isnt importanmt to me the challange of the distance is. Location wise Nottingham would be great as im only about 40 mile away and it means i havent got to spend to much time away from the family like i would if doing Regensberg.

    This will be my first IM so a flat course would definatly be prefferable

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Outlaw bike isn't flat - I recced it the other weekend and although it's not hilly as in some other IM distance events it has a few little testers that will hurt on the 3rd loop. but it could be fast with the right conditions - wind could be an intangible as it's exposed in parts

  • i have just had a look at course map and know the area reasonably well, i dont mind a few hills, better get some serious bike training in, get some miles in my legs

  • I think MrGFB and I are the only ones here doing IMLZimage....(trying to finish the bloody thing this time) image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    there are no tough hills on Outlaw, just a few short little testers at various places and a deceptive long slow upflat on the A617. the rise from Lowdham after crossing the Trent will hurt after a 100 miles as well.

    I'd wait and see how this year's event goes before committing though just in case there are issues and there is no guarantee yet that there will be one in 2011!

    many people think that this could become a future IMUK if the current franchisees keep fecking up.
  • i will eagerly await the report FB

    i might come down and view the event for myself  and give you all a cheer

  • is it safe to come out yet... is it full? image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    you going to give Challenge Copenhagen another crack next year PSC??
  • I



    Just thought I would shout that from the rooftops
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