Iv'e just bought a dog on impulse.


  • Is there a long lasting contraceptive you can take ?
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  • Impulse? I thought that was a ladies' perfume.
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    impulse - is that like e-bay?
  • Was it by the till?
  • were you on impulse, or the dog?
  • what sort is he/she ?image
  • a dog is for life, not just for July .......... image
  • Don't worry..  the guy who sells stone cladding will be coming down your street tomorrow....   I'm sure you won't be able to resist..   that'll take your mind off the dog...

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    I have a good curry recipe.
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    How can you buy a dog on impulse?! What breed, how old etc?

    After spending a weekend looking after my mum's dog, my advice is... 

    If you enjoy:

    being watched while eating
    going out for walks 4-5 times a day in all weather conditions
    having to pick up poop with nothing but a thin bit of plastic between the crap and your hand
    being woken up at silly hours because it can't sleep (& if it can't sleep, it certainly ain't gonna let you)

    then keep the dog, otherwise dig out your receipt and take it back.

  • Better - run with the dog, gives he/she necessary exercise and gets you out training too.

    Feed natural food, and some bones now and again, no crappy dry  or canned food and deffo NO table scraps - lot less "waste" material to deal with! If you're lucky enough to live in the country, you can train the dog pretty quickly not to poop on roads, paths etc. We're only 200m from a huge forest, the dogs only go on the edges of the trails, on grass, quick flick with a stick and it's hidden in the bushes, brambles or whatever.

    Train your dog to behave. And give it lots of love and affection. If you can't do that - then you shouldn't have one. Period.

    I presume this post is actually a wind-up?

  • I'd get the dog off impulse. An alcohol based perfume not only leads t oit being slightly cranky but can upset the stomach with deleterious impact ot your carpet...
  •  As they say in Korea:

     "A dog is not just for Christmas, if you're careful you can usually make it last until Boxing Day".

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