Iv'e just bought a dog on impulse.


  • Is there a long lasting contraceptive you can take ?
  • image Into the forum quote hall of fame Madge...
  • Impulse? I thought that was a ladies' perfume.
  • impulse - is that like e-bay?
  • Was it by the till?
  • were you on impulse, or the dog?
  • what sort is he/she ?image
  • a dog is for life, not just for July .......... image
  • Don't worry..  the guy who sells stone cladding will be coming down your street tomorrow....   I'm sure you won't be able to resist..   that'll take your mind off the dog...

  • I have a good curry recipe.
  • How can you buy a dog on impulse?! What breed, how old etc?

    After spending a weekend looking after my mum's dog, my advice is... 

    If you enjoy:

    being watched while eating
    going out for walks 4-5 times a day in all weather conditions
    having to pick up poop with nothing but a thin bit of plastic between the crap and your hand
    being woken up at silly hours because it can't sleep (& if it can't sleep, it certainly ain't gonna let you)

    then keep the dog, otherwise dig out your receipt and take it back.

  • I'd get the dog off impulse. An alcohol based perfume not only leads t oit being slightly cranky but can upset the stomach with deleterious impact ot your carpet...
  •  As they say in Korea:

     "A dog is not just for Christmas, if you're careful you can usually make it last until Boxing Day".

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