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Is anyone actually using the Garmin 110?  I've seen various posts about it, but none from anyone who's actually using it.  I am doing longer outdoor runs now & because I am a goals orientated person I find it quite helpful to know how far I've run.  At the moment that means plotting my route on a map with one of those distance measurer wheel thingys.

I've always been put off GPS watches before by their size.  They're all MASSIVE.  For someone with a wrist measurement of 15.5cm every single one I've tried on has felt about as comfortable as wearing a brick.  image  Quite a few of them look like bricks, too...  My current sports watch has a face diameter of 3.8cm & that feels big on my wrist.  I don't want anything much bigger really.

OK, I know they have to cram in all that technology, & you have to be able to see the screen without needing binoculars, but come on guys & gals at Garmin et. al - some of us like more discreet & comfortable kit!  image

I don't want millions of buttons, or lots of fancy 'virtual partner' stuff.  Just the basics.  The 110 looks to have them.  It is also jolly expensive (no surprise there, then), so I don't want to make a mistake in my purchase...

So come on you Garmin 110 users/fans - comments please!



  • I think it looks good, apart from the fact it only gives pace every mile/kilometre. I need to keep a closer eye on whether I have set off too fast or too slowly.

    If my Garmin 305 which I lost 2 months ago would turn up, I would'nt even be considering this. I could'nt fault the 305, apart from its size.
  • I've just got mine and absolutely I love it, I wanted something simple with not too many bells and whistles, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.I'm petite with tiny wrists and the size is fine.

    I find the average pace is fine you can set it to lap shorter than 1 mile or 1 k (I think it's in 1/4 mile or 400m increments but I'd have to check). I find average pace is accurate enough for me - OH has a 310xt if it's not set to auto lap pace the pace leaps around all over the place.

     I wouldn't hesitate, it's my new best friend.

  • Thanks folks, especially k, for your responses.  Helpful.  Just have to try to square buying a 'watch' for £200! imageimage
  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭
    I am right in saying that for £200 the 110 doesn't tell your current pace? Only every KM? Rubbish that. I really need a GPS that can tell me at any given moment how quick (or slow!!) I'm running. Any suggestions? I like the Garmins just because of the Harmin Connect feature. Not keen on the telly on the wrist look though image
  • had mine for around 3 months and think its great! did not want anything to complicated as the eyes are not what they used to be! very simple to use and read,when you get home hook up to pc and gives me all i need broken down into splits,route etc paid £155 delivered if that helps!no h/r monitor,again not needed..
  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭

    where did you get it for £155?

    Plus I'm getting a garmin, just need to decide between the 110 or 305/405 - anyone any thoughts on this?

    Like the OP I need figures to stay motivated, I'm guess all the garmins can offer you mile splits (in a graph format) ?

  • If you want simplicity on the move but graphs with all the info when you get back then I would go with the 110.

    If you want more buttons to fiddle with, virtual training partner etc then you will have to go with 305 or 405. The 305 is a bulky beast, the 405 is more like a large watch. Some people report problems with the touch bezel in the rain/sweat, though I believe you can lock the bezel. You could go for the 310xt of course but that is more dosh.

    OH has a 310xt and I have a 110 they both produce the same data when up loaded to Garmin software on PC.

    When you think about it how much info do you need when actually running, if you are running with your eyes glued to your watch you are probably going to trip over something (or fall in a river which is what my OH nearly did the other night PMSL)

    (I'm guessing £155 without HRM I have seen it for round about that if you Google. Personally I would have the HRM if you are into the numbers, I find it very handy and always set the display to show it)

  • I have menioned this on another post about the 110 already, but worth repeating here as I thought this was a good review of the 110

     the same site also does price comparison on quite a few retailers

    at time of posting this the cheapest price was £127 for a unisex 110

  • I recently bought the Garmin Forerunner after reading a decent review here:

    I must say I'm pretty impressed with some of the features. Very simple to use yet, does the job you need it to do efficiently.

    Hope this helps
  • They're all pretty expensive, aren't they?  And not exactly on the small size, so might that not attract the wrong sort of attention potentially?  All I want is something to accurately measure distance, speed and calories burnt - isn't there something out there that would do the job for much less outlay? image  Right now, I plot my routes at MapMyRun or similar, but that's no use if I do a 'go anywhere' run, because I won't remember the route and we all just feel like going out there and running anywhere occasionally, don't we? image
  • Had mine for the past year - and still using it for every run! Very pleased with this gadget and would recommend.
  • Just purchased one! Thank you DL20!
  • Can you download training plans onto the 110?
  • Just used mine for the first time today! LOVE it!
    • Weight
    • Body Fat %
    • Body Water %
    • Muscle Mass
    • Uses ANT+ open protocol to transmit readings wirelessly
    • 440 lb capacity
    • Includes free Healthy Edge software
    How do I get these onto my Forerunner, can I access this specific data?!
  • Hi, I have the 110 but find it turns itelf back on when ive selected for it to shut down? I dont want it losing battery ......any ideas?



  • I got this watch yesterday and love it. One thing that is puzzling me is everyone says it does not do current pace, just average pace. Well mine is doing current and average?
    Has there been a firmware upgrade?
    Really glad it does the current pace as i nearly got the 210.
    This watch is £100 on Amazon btw (unisex) i went for the Red one with HRM for £133
  • That's odd, Just In Time.

    When you say it's doing current and average, do you mean there's an option to show either, or is it displaying both at the same time?

    I've had my 110 for about 18 months now, and am not aware of the current pace facility.

  • The bottom reading is always active where it says "Pace"
    So as i speed up and slow down it changes from say 8.13 to 7.20 so i know im holding a faster pace.
    I was expecting this reading to be fixed and updated every mile.

    So no it does not show both it shows current. There is no option to alter it either.
    Maybe im looking at it wrong!

    Looking at what it says in this review i think ive got my wires crossed.
    Note that most GPS watches actually show ‘instant pace’, whereas the FR110 shows lap pace. What’s the difference? Well, pretend you’re running 5 miles at a constant pace. In the middle of that effort you decide to sprint all-out for 30 seconds. In the ‘instant pace’ scenario, the speed/pace would show your speed at that exact point in time (fast). But the ‘lap pace’ speed would only show that as an average over the entire distance of the lap (5 miles as an example), so it wouldn’t change the speed displayed very much at all (and be slower looking). Just something to be aware of.

    My apologies. My mistake was expecting the lap pace not to move and just update every mile.
  • Aha!

    Problem sorted. Yup - it varies according to how fast you're going in that lap.

    Still pretty useful imo.

  • I dont get this pace thing, i was looking to get a GPS watch which whilst running i could look at the watch and it would tell me i was running a x pace at whatever point in the mile i was running- does the 110 not do this?


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    This is an issue with GPS in general. None of them show real-time pace properly - I think it's down to the amount of computing power needed but I could be wrong.

    However, footpod models like the Garmin FR60 do show real-time pace and do it well, but of course they're not GPS so you don't get mapping and navigation.

  • Dave928Dave928 ✭✭✭

    I loved my 110 - when it worked. After about 6 months the first one stopped taking a charge properly and eventually was just dead. Garmin swapped it for me for a "refurbished" one that was a bit tatty but did work. Until a couple of weeks ago when it stopped taking a charge once again. and now doesn't work at all. It's just out of the 1 year guarantee. I've asked Garmin what I can do but they haven't replied yet. It was great when it worked, but I think I'll look for a different brand in future. 

  • I started off with a 110 but upgraded to the cheaper 205!

    I like to see current lap average pace and the average pace for the whole run displayed at the same time. The 110 didn't give that option. The 205 does.

    I also appreciate the option of inputting advanced workouts. It seems that the 205 is discontinued - madness!
  • Dave928Dave928 ✭✭✭

    I had a 405 and I found the instant pace feature jumped around too much to be useful. With the 110 you can set the auto-lap to a minimum of 400m and it will tell you the current average pace over the distance so far. I found this much more accurate and useful.

    p.s. I complained above but having had a good play with it last night I think it's actually the charger clip that's the problem and not the device itself.

  • Elevations can be all over the place. After uploading a recent run, I noticed that at one point I'd plummeted into a 200m hole, then immediately climbed out of it. Funny, coz I don't remember that actually happening.


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