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  • My wife has been out 6 times with her 110. Yesterday it was raining. Today the watch is full of water and not working. I gather this is a common problem still not resolved. Buyers beware!
  • Can any help, my garmin 110, says that I'm running the first in double figures!!!. When I know I'm as my running buddy has his garmin we run at the same pace and his records us doing around 9.00 / 9.30. So why is this on my garmin 110? It's only the first mile.

  • I believe it is to do with the sat tracking system not knowing where you are when you set off on your run. When it does locate you, usually a couple of minutes into the run, the watch then starts to record your time. I experience the same problem and came on here to try and get some advice upon how to rectify this?? Can anyone help? Thanks 

  • I too love mine - when it works... Sometimes it goes dead when I try to charge it and refuses to switch back on for several days. It sometimes refuses to pick up the HR monitor. Other times it decides not to save my workouts, despite pressing save. Ho hum. But otherwise, as a basic model, it's pretty decent!

  • It very good as a cheap basic gps watch, has it not been superseeded now? by the FR10 or something, which has wireless data transfer i think and maybe more data screens.

    Ive covered 3000miles with mine and it has always been set on 1mile autolap. so shows the average and hence anticipated duration of that particular mile. this works well for easy or long runs. when it comes to reps or intervals you simply press the lap button and off you shoot and it displays the average pace since you pressed the button, unless you go over a 1mile rep then you cant see the total rep time or avg.pace just how many seconds you are into the next mile and the pace of that small section.

    can get condensation in it if your in a monsoon. mine has the light constantly on at about half power now as I got caught in a blizzard and it nearly killed me let alone the watch.

  • This thing about inaccuracy on the early part of the run has I think been covered on here before.

    If I understand it correctly, when the watch first detects a satellite, it's kind of a "temporary lock" on to the satellite, and if you set off with this temporary lock you'll get inaccurate readings until the watch properly locks on.

    The way to check whether you've got a full connection is to see whether the "pace" display goes down to zero when you are stationary.

    I don't understand all the technicalities of it, as I'd have thought that you are either connected or not, but this does seem to be the case.

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