the importance of preparation i planned on running in the congelton half marathon,sept 15,because i live close by i decide to get the bus on sunday morning i learned to to find out that there was no buses till panic set in the only way to get there was bicycle there its about 7 miles.i arrive quite fresh then run a adequate time of i hour 40 which under the circumstances was quite good, although feel quitev shattered today.i learned a harsh lesson(i feel sore today).rule number 1 prepare cost me i feel sore


  • lucky you were close enough that the bike was an option.
    Mersey Tunnel 10K next week starts in Liverpool & ends in New Brighton.
    Am I going to drive to the end of the course at New Brighton and rely on Arriva Trains to produce transport in sufficient time to get me to the start on time? I think not....I'll drive to the start instead & pick the car up later.....
  • Having given myself a scare late on the evening of 13th April this year by discovering that the first train from Birmingham to London the following morning wouldn't get me to Euston until 5 minutes after the start of the race, I couldn't agree more!
  • The first public transport out of our town is 10.30 on a Sunday morning - it was such a relief when we could finally afford a car!
    Meant we didn't have to travel out on Saturday and stay at the nearest campsite/cheapest hotel overnight.
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