Aberdare 10K

Great race... Fast course...

Where the hell do they post the results?



  • Not going to be any help here but been searching myself in vein.

    I hate it when you do a race nd can't get hold of the results. I think race organisers should make this a priority.

  • yeah it's not difficult is it.

    Got a PB too, and wanted to check the official time.

  • With you all on this! WHERE ARE THEY!!!! I have e-mailed them twice.Like you SB had a PB, so keen to have a look!!! 
  • Same here. Very very frustrating! PB for me too - Merthyr boys tend to move quickly through the streets of Cynon Valley, you see!!!

    Can someone post link to results when they're up?



  • RT - If I find them I will post them!

  • Same here, i have been informed by Macmillan that the results will be on this site Thursday afternoon.

  • CS - Excellent! thanks for the info.
  • Hi everyone, don't shoot the messenger from Macmillan Cancer Support !!!! I'm really sorry about the delay, we are having trouble trying to post the results as we didn't use the chips this year and can't publish them on that site.  Can you tell me a website where we can post them and we will do it instantly!!!!  Please message back asap!!!!
  • Success at last!!! here is the link to a website with the results, any queries please email /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]jones@macmillan.org.uk]djones@macmillan.org.uk who will be pleased to answer any queries.  Many thanks to everyone for taking part.


  • Hi Sue, I can host them on http://www.sandomenico.org.uk

     email me the results at


    And I'll get it done.

  • Thank you very much Dominic, we are sending them over to you, the more sites for people to check the better!!!!!  take care, Sue
  • thanks all, good job image
  • I'll put them on Islwyn RC site too image @ http://www.islwynrunningclub.org.uk/
  • Cheers!!! Always feels better when you see it in black and white, eh?
  • I weren't far behind you Dominic, not bad for a Merthyr amateur!!! Your 20 miler from the college car park sounds mental!!! At least the Merthyr Police 10k sounds a bit more sensible, Troedyrhiw and back, sound!

    Be nice to meet up 15th August, I virtually live in the College Car Park  - I could also throw in a guided historical tour of Merthyr after the race!!! lol.

  • Winds up Merthyr 10k is harsh.
  • Hello Robert, the San Domenico 20 is excellent practice for the London Marathon plus you get a technical race shirt actually worth having in a variety of sizes (plug over).

    The organiser of the San Domenico 20 and  our certified course measurer do a lot to help with the MP10K such as the results site http://www.merthyrpolice10k.org.uk/

     Results sites are often overlooked  image

     I did the MP10K on the old course in 2007 with the hurricane on the way back in, only Llanelli 10K has been windier in my experience.

  • Respect for Result sites, Dominic. Think I'll give the course a spin a few times before the day.. hope I don't end up in the Lwyn Y Eos pub on the way back, though! Tidy little pub in Abercanaid that is...

    And hope the race day conditions are helpful. No wind please!

  • Old route is faster IMHO. But building the new pool buggered up the finish.

    15th.......my season is over then. See if I can run this on cyclist legs!
  • You can also get them on the www.runninginwales.com website which is one of the best results sites:


  • I seem to spend half my life in that bloody leisure centre!!! I'll be having a go 15th, and plan on having a few celebratory beers in town in the afternoon too! Enjoy!!!

  • Keep an eye on Powerof10 or Fetcheveryone website.
  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for taking part in the Aberdare 10K 2011 yesterday.  It was a fantastic day and as always was very well supported by runners and cheerers alike.

    I just wanted to let you know that provisional results have been published at:


     Once full results have been confirmed I will let you know where they will be posted.

     Thanks again to everyone for taking part - we look forward to seeing you in 2012.

     Best wishes


    Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Thanks Debbie, much appreciated , you will see me next year, fab course, fab support, well done and big thanks to the volunteers who gave up their time so I could set a new PB image
  • Hi Andrew

    Congratulations on your new pb.  We're glad you enjoyed the race.  just to let you know that the full results are now on the camba events website and will be posted to runnersworld and fetch everyone in the next 24 - 48 hours.  I hope to see everyone for the Aberdare 10K 2012.

    Best wishes and thanks


    Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Anyone know if there is Aberdare 10k 2012?

  • Hi Bernadette,

    My colleague at our running club got in touch with the organisers to find out and the answer was no there is no 10K this year. I don't know the reasons sorry.

    Shame as 1 of my face races.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Ray.

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