New Mizuno Wave Harrier

I currently have some 18 month old Mizuno Wave Harriers (the yellow ones) which are on their last legs and need replacing. (Had the blue ones before that too.) There seems to be a new model out there now (red and black) - does anyone know if the updates to this shoe are just cosmetic or has it changed in any other way. I'd prefer to by online but if they've changed at all, I guess I ought to find a pair to try on......



  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    just had my first couple of runs in the new red (orange?) harriers
    I've had the blue ones before, and they seem very similar - i would say just minorly cosmetic differences

  • Cheers for the post. Happened across a pair entirely by accident and having tried them on, I am sure there is no difference other than cosmetic. (and yes they are more orange in the flesh!)
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