• It's definitely worth getting, Sarah. It's well-written (from an Elmore Leonard short story) and has interesting support characters. And Timothy Olyphant is bliddy gorgeous image *

    * not that I'm shallow or anything image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    If I sit at this pc any longer I will be joining the zombie masses - I'm watching my brain slowy drip away.
  • Liquid brain - the zombie's preferred tipple image

    I'll get the boxset from my library LN (why no more marathons?) - I know they have it there, I've shelved it loads of times and am always tempted to get it image

  • Last marathon was a bit of a disaster so I'm taking a year off to rediscover shorter distances and running for fun. May be tempted back for Autumn 2012 but nothing earlier!
  • image Nemo Join us arrrrrr brains. image

    Afraid can't get Five US very well but cheers for the tip off. Mummy Cake is coping them all onto DVD for us anyway using the sky plus thingy. Question through I'm I the only one who still see's that actor as egg of this life? Might just be showing my age and now I can't get Bell and Sabastian out of my head.image

  • Love zombies.. have been training for the past couple of years to survive an outbreak, thanks to the effort and time I put into playing Left 4 Dead on the xbox lol.
  • image

    Another zombie fan image

    Are you watching The Walking Dead S1iren? And what are your plans for surviving the coming zombie apocalypse? image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    I'm just goig to tell them that Sarah has the last remaining creme eggs left in the world.
  • I watched it a few months ago when it was on FX (I think that was the channel anyway).  I thought it was good, though a bit slow moving.  I think it will depend on the type of apocalypse, a good hold out place would be my fella's flat, it's on a second floor with just the one staircase which could be destroyed.  I also keep meaning to start stockpiling beans and loo roll but never get round to it image

  • image You need to make sure you have a axe in his place to just in case.
  • Haaaa.... I just saw this thread... another zombie fan here.

    Watched the walking dead, great series... I've been training consistently for the coming zombie apocalypse...all those shooting online games will come in handy.

  • OK - I've finally caught up to Ep. 4. Looking v. dodgy for the group now image

    Where were the werewolves? imageimage

  • image Didn't get the chance to see it so will hide from the thread for a week till get a chance to catch up.
  • CDC zombie plan linky

    Posted on the Centers for Disease Control website.

    Apparently, 'your online source for credible health information' image

  • Just one more episode to go image

    Will watch it at some point this weekend. Is there going to be a second series?

  • You've not seen the last episode?! imageimage

    It was goooooooood!!! image

    There is a second series - 'later this year' is all I know so far image

  • Glad there's going to be a second series as that was good. Not an easy watch but great acting and storylines.


  • The series is based on a comic that's been going for years, so there's a lot more of the story to be told image

    Have you seen the last episode yet??

  • I have yes. Good to know they can keep going for a while.

    SPOILERS BELOW (in case Cake hasn't seen it yet!)







    I'm impressed by how bleak they kept it. Even though the CDC looked as though it would be a respite they only got a day before it all went wrong again.

    * wonders if I should learn how to build a windmill in case there's a real Zombie-pocolypse?!? *


  • MORE SPOILERS (avert your eyes Cakey!!!)








    What do you think the doctor whispered to Rick? I'm guessing it was about the Walker Virus, but wasn't good news image

  • And now for some space filler so others can post without seeing the spoilers.














    I think that should bump the page down a bit image

  • When I first saw that I thought the Dr was giving him the code for the door image
  • That's another spoiler!!!

    I think that whispered message has a lot more meaning image I want to see the next episode now!!!

  • Oh yeah - oops! image

    Probably best for Cake to just avoid the whole thread now...

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