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I know it's been discussed before but can anyone recommend any good travel insurance companies that do good cover for racing abroad?

I know BTF membership covers public liability etc - but I was thinking about the medical cover.  And even if my bike's covered here by my house insurance, it's prob not covered abroad.

Thanking you.


  • Have you checked the Key Features documents of the insurers suggested in other threads?  You've asked exactly the same question that was asked ten days ago.
  • You might be surprised about your bike being covered.  My house insurance covers my bike wherever it is in the world.

    As for insuring you... many companies cover you for racing as long as you're not at the pointy end of the race.  Go on to MoneySupermarket.com and check the details of some of the policies.  I found the cheapest ones didn't cover me but didn't have to go too far down the list to find one that did.

  • when I was looking for travel insurance last year Hen..............none of the normal ones would cover ironman racing............infact even the specialised ones had Ironman in a different catergory to normal triathlons...Ironman was in the highest bracket with Off piste skiing etc...........If you are going with your niormal one I would recommend that you clarify that its an Ironman you are doing..

    I think its because its considered an extreme sport............Fat Buddah suggested a couple of good companies that did it.........

    Your bike insurance is different.might be on you house ...worth checking or asking them how much..........I didn't bother in the end with the bike as it wasn't worth much and the insurance was really high.....

    I did pay around £40 for my travel insurance as I thought it was worth it as there was a much higher possibility than normal of needing it.............

  • Thanks all. Hadn't spotted the other thread so thanks Intermanaut.

  • Looking at this


    most stuff should be covered by your EHIC card anyway. But obviously you'd want to check how reality deviates from theory there!

  • Sorry havent read all the thread, BTF covers race day et.c

    I got cover for normal travel/medical/baggage insurance for £5 from Virgin when I did a comparison search, seems to offer all that I need and I also have the E111 (or whatever the number is) card as well
  • Melds - I thought, looking at the BTF blurb, that the BTF cover wouldn't cover any medical expenses arising from a race day incident. I've found a good one-day package for 19.50 just for race day.  It's less for my son, Goose, who's only doing a sprint.
  • post office travel insurance covers triathlon as part of its standard hazardous sports activities (although not if a professional triathlete).
  • I used sportscover direct - just under £20 for the first person, and £14 ish for the second, for one day cover for IM.
  • DTB that's who I've gone with. image
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